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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Students at Académie Le Tour: 9.4.2012

Of course there are new students to join the group at the Chancellor's Hacienda! (That is the official name of this Maxis-built house) We have Sharla Ottomas' younger brother, Tommy, and Shaun Singles (Nervous and Erin's eldest), who will have to find himself a different outfit first thing... well as Silvia Singles, not related to Shaun; she is the daugher of the late Checo Ramirez and Kristen Singles, half-sister of Tessa and Ramon Ramirez. (I still call them cousins, it seems nice somehow, doesn't it?)
The three newcomers are hungry after their journey and enjoy a first meal in the courtyard, trying to get to know each other, but it seems Silvia is a little shy. 
Beatrice Monty and Buck Grunt are as happily in love as ever. 
They often do romantic things on their own accord, such as singing love-songs to each other or cuddling under the stars. 
Silvia declares her Major in Mathematics (I usually wait until the wish for a specific major comes up before I have my Sims declare it). 
Beatrice has just made her Silver Pottery Badge, assisted by Silvia, who loves sharing hobby tips when it comes to arts and crafts. 
Shaun, who dreams of having 20 simultaneous best friends, has just made his 5th best friend in Jacqueline Jacquet. 
As usual, Buck finishes the semester before everyone else and is now starting his very last semester! 
Shaun's mum, Erin Singles, pays a surprise visit; she obviously wants to make sure her boy is doing well for himself here at university. 
Benedick has not taken long to step into his sister's footprints and gets his Silver Pottery Badge, too. 
Sharla has been electrocuted while attempting to repair the dishwasher. 
Everyone ends their semesters successfully; they all finished with an A+, except for Shaun, who "only" managed a B. 
Now Shaun has decided to declare his Major in Political Sciences... 
...followed closely by Tommy Ottomas, whose choice is Psychology. 
Silvia is very talented when it comes to arts and crafts and gets her Bronze Pottery Badge after only six simple plates. 
One night, a burglar sneaks up to the hacienda. Well, if I was a burglar, this would certainly be my choice of "work place" on campus - no other student residence as such a luxurious interior! 
But of course, there is a burglar alarm installed, and the burglar never gets a chance to take anything. 
When they are not studying, our students enjoy the last summer days either in the pool or by it, like Buck and Beatrice who are cuddling in the shade. 
Tommy is invited to My Muse II - Art Studio. 
The burglar obviously wasn't frightening enough - now Beatrice manages somehow to set the kitchen stove on fire! 
Buck has just graduated Summa Cum Laude and changes into more suitable clothes for autumn. 
Silvia and Shaun become best friends; she is Shaun's 7th best friend. 
On the next day, Buck throws a graduation party and invites his father, General Buzz Grunt, his brother Tank Grunt, friends Desdemona Capp, Jill Smith and Etsu Cho... well as Hal Capp, Daniel Bell and his other brother Ripp Grunt. 
In spite of yet another kitchen fire, the party turns out to be a success... 
...and Buck leaves campus to move back to New Maximiliania, where we are going to meet him again once it will be the Grunt family's turn to be played again.


  1. My goodness they have a lot of fires here. Not very many cooking points between them?

    1. Strangely enough, even the good cooks cause kitchen fires every now and then, and it doesn't seem to matter much whether they use an expensive stove or not.

  2. I would go crazy if my mum came by uninvited all the time like Erin does :)

    1. Hehe, yes, one of the nice things about going to uni is certainly that - for many people - it is the first step into adulthood, living away from home!


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