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Friday, 20 July 2012

The Baldwin Family - Week 3

This almost cubic townhouse came to our games with one of the later expansion packs; I think it was "Apartment Life". Fittingly, the family who lives in this house is originally from Belladonna Cove, which was added to our games with the same expansion pack. The Baldwins are about to start their 3rd week in New Maximiliania; sadly, their first two weeks have been overwritten due to the problem with uploading to the Exchange that we had in spring 2009. 
Benjamin Baldwin is 58 "years" old. His lifetime want is to become Hall of Famer; nothing unusual for a Popularity Sim like him. 
His daughter Sofia will become an Adult in 6 days - which means I will send her to college before the week is over. A college diploma will come in handy towards her lifetime want of being Head of SCIA; you guessed it - she is a Knowledge Sim. 
And this is Marcus, her younger brother. He is 12 days away from adulthood and thus has plenty of time to gain lots of skills which will one day be useful to further his career, so that he can one day be a World Class Ballet Dancer. His aspiration is Fortune and, as you can see, he attends Private School, just like his sister. But... wait a minute! Haven't we forgotten someone? What about Isabel, Benjamin's wife and mother of Sofia and Marcus? Well... if you have read the chapter about the DeBateau family, you will know why she is not part of this household anymore! 
On Monday, Desdemona Capp and her brother Hal pay Sofia and Marcus a visit. 
On Wednesday, the shower breaks, and Benjamin turns it into a lesson for young Marcus by letting him do the repair work instead of calling the repair man - which would not have been a problem with the family being rather well off.
Benjamin, in the meantime, is doing everything he can to keep fit, and maximizes his body skill. 
But it is not all work and work out at the Baldwins'. Benjamin knows that a single father needs to give his children all the love and attention possible, and makes sure to spend quality time with both Sofia and Marcus, for instance playing chess with them and explaining the world to them. 
He does not neglect company of his own age, though, and welcomes his neighbours when they walk by, like Checo Ramirez here who is invited in on Thursday. 
"Sorry, Isabel, I have to hang up - there's someone here with my membership card to 'Games of Glory'," Benjamin explains to his wife who - in spite of her living with another man - still is shown in his relationship panel with a red heart. 
On Friday, it is Sofia's turn to have a lesson in mechanics, when the sink in the bathroom needs repairing. 
Benjamin is promoted to Superstar and welcomed home by a stray dog. 
Sofia has taken after her father when it comes to enthusiasm for games and is given her membership card to "Games of Glory". 
It is Saturday morning, and a very optimistic Sofia leaves for college, where we are soon going to meet her again for her first year. 
"Now it's just the boy and myself," Benjamin muses when he comes home from work later the same day - with a promotion to Assistant Coach. 
The week ends for Marcus with a surprise visit from Sharla Ottomas, who he greets and cordially asks inside. Is Isabel ever coming back to live with her husband? How is she doing anyway? What is in store for Sofia at college? And will Marcus find a sweetheart matching his criteria of "fatness" and "good cook" ?


  1. Ohhh....Intrigue. I have not gotten to the DeBateau update so I'll have to find out what happens.

  2. In my 5-wishes hood Sofia and Marcus are both Family and they have another brother and sister (twins) who are named Ida and Oscar. The three younger are all in Uni right now, but Sofia never went, but got married instead.

    1. I love to compare notes on what the same Sims are getting up to in someone else's game.


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