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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Beaker Family Album

Everyone who has ever played The Sims 2 has probably had a look at Strangetown, which is where the Beaker family originally come from.
In New Maximiliania, they started out in their original house and in their original set up:
Loki and Circe Beaker and their "tenant" Nervous Subject.
New Max wouldn't be New Max if things were not about to change for everyone!
I moved the household to this Maxis-made lot:

The house is huge - the rooms inside are so spacious I could place whatever furniture I wanted and still had plenty of room for the Sims to move about. Here are some interior shots:
You'll see more, of course, as the Beakers go about their daily tasks.
One of the first things after having furnished and decorated the house was to give Nervous Subject a makeover. He'll never win a beauty contest, I'm afraid, but he looks loads better with a different hairstyle and a beard to cover up his strange chin, don't you think?

His lifetime want is to graduate three children from college, just like Loki's. He better start looking for a nice Sim-lady, then!
Erin Singles... could she be The One?
To cut a long story short: Yes! The two of them hit it off from the moment they lay eyes on each other, and Erin moves in with Nervous (there truly is more than enough space).

And it does not take long for them to start working on Nervous' lifetime want!
At the same time, the Beakers have not been idle, either!
In fact, both Loki and Circe end up being pregnant at the same time :-)
With all these new additions to the household, Erin and Nervous decide to move out and find a place of their own. You will of course meet them again in their own chapter.
Loki and Circe are now on their own - but not for long!
Some family snaps, in no particular order:
Poor Barry - he is the only child Circe and Loki have together, but unfortunately, he has a lot more of his Dad's genes when it comes to looks than from his Mum! I think he's OK when he smiles, though, and with the hairdo covering his forehead.


  1. I usually have Erin & Nervous get together too, they seem made for each other. Poor Loki doesn't have the best looking kids, but hey, looks aren't everything... loving those eyebrows, :D

    1. You're not playing Erin and Nervous at the moment, are you? I'd love to see what they have turned out to be like in your game :-)
      Of course you are right - looks aren't everything!

    2. I'm not at the moment no, sorry. My current copy of Strangetown is brand new and unplayed as yet. :)

  2. Wow....those are quite some....interesting looking kids. I've looked at the Beaker family, but I don't think I've ever played them. It will be interesting to see what happens when I get there eventually. :)

    1. He he that's right, they are interesting looking ;-)
      I'd like to see what happens with them in your game!

  3. A lot of pregnancies in quite few pictures :)

    1. Yes, that can happen if both husband and wife can get pregnant :-)

  4. if the family relations still existed,bjorn barry beta shaun Selma and stig would be cousins!

    1. I know! Things are a bit different for that in my game.


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