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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Students at Académie Le Tour - 17.7.2012

Here she is, the latest newcomer: Pauline Aspir! But... what happened to her hair on the way from New Maximiliania?! I must remedy that instantly.

Not only her hairdo gets changed (to her original style), but she also puts on some clothes better suited to spring. Bottom Summerdream checks out the newcomer... well as Shaun Singles, who of course sees a potential name to add to his ever-growing list of best friends, and greets Pauline with the "Hang Loose!" gesture that is so popular in New Max ever since Carla Reamon immigrated from Twikii Island and introduced this greeting. 
Quite soon after her arrival, Pauline has the wish to declare her major in Drama, and so Drama it is. Remember, her lifetime want is to become Hall of Famer. Being an expert in Drama won't hurt! 
Tommy and Silvia often kiss and hug on their own accord. Is it just my impression or does this slightly annoy the others? 

Silvia seems to think that the newcomer is really pulling her weight when she and Pauline clean one of the upstairs bathrooms together.
The strange eating disorder some of my Sims have does worry me, you know. Not for the first time, Bottom is close to starvation, but what does she do? More often than not, instead of getting herself something to eat (the fridge is always kept well stocked), she takes a bath or goes to bed or gives financial consulting on the computer or something like that. 
Tommy starts his final semester. Soon, he'll be graduating! 
Jill is now in the second semester of her Junior Year, while Silvia and her cousin Shaun have both started their very last semester. 
As before, I interfere very rarely in this household, and only make sure that the necessary skills are acquired and term papers written. All the housework such as making beds and cleaning the dishes is done by the students on their own accord. 
Jill, too, does her share.
Bottom has somehow not been quite as diligent as the others and finishes the semester with a grade B. It is now summer, and a change of clothes was in order. 
Pauline has just finished her first semester with an A+ grade. 
Bottom only has one or two mechanical skills... not the best idea, then, to tell her to repair the trash compactor! But don't worry, she survived this accident just like she has, so far, avoided death by starvation (although sometimes really at the last minute!)
Tommy Ottomas graduates, and Pauline and Bottom wave him good-bye. 
Jill starts her Senior Year, while Shaun and Silvia have just graduated, too. Shaun did his final exam in his pyjamas... I hate it when my Sims do that! 
Before Silvia Singles moves back to New Maximiliana, she gives hand-made pottery to cousin Shaun... 
...and to Bottom Summerdream. 
She then changes into a rather odd outfit and boards the taxi that is to take her back home. 
Shaun is next - still in pyjamas, although he changed them from green to brown ones. And yes, Jill says good-bye wearing just a nightie...! 
Bottom is now in her Junior Year. It is autumn, which makes gaining skills a bit easier. 
And Pauline is not a Freshman anymore, but a Sophomore! Her first "year" at uni went well. She made new friends and fits in well with the other students. Now only Pauline, Jill and Bottom are left at the house. Will they move into a dorm? Or will the house fill up again with new students?


  1. Nice work Meks. It is so nice to be able to see sims in UNI when the last time I saw a picture of them in your game they were teens or still children some of them !
    It is a wonder that nobody died with all the electrocutions and kitchen fires. For people that are always getting A+ grades they arent the brightest are they ?

    1. Thank you, Bubbly! I hope it is not too much of a mess that I am posting in reverse order... it just is a bit easier for me to do it that way, copying directly from the storytelling folder of the game.
      You are right, in spite of their good grades at uni, they mostly seem rather daft when it comes to the day-to-day-business of running a household and their own lives :-)

  2. You are brave to allow them to do so much on their own. I admit to be a huge micro-manager most of the time, especially in Breeze Point. Fellowship One I have TRIED to force myself to let them do more on their own. I even put in ACR and InTeen to kind of "take control" away from me. I'm getting BETTER. Of course Megalahood I have to manage some since it's all about fulfilling wishes. :)

    1. It depends very much on my mood; sometimes I just love watching them and see what they come up with when left to their own devices, at other times I enjoy taking control and have things go entirely my way. And even then, they sometimes manage to surprise me :-)

  3. Hm.. This was confusing, but I'll get around soon, I hope

    1. Shouldn't be too confusing; the post before this one was the Aspir family album, and this update about the students is Pauline Aspir's first year at uni.


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