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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Joshua Ruben - Week 1

Hello and welcome to New Maximiliania's newest district, where the apartment buildings, several shops and beautiful Central Park are located. This building we have already visited not long ago; it contains four apartments, one of which is rented by a recent college graduate: 
Joshua Ruben. You probably remember Joshua; he was a Fraternity member and has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Biology. His lifetime want is to become Chief of Staff, and his aspiration is Fortune. At college, during his first year or so, he had a crush on Tiffany Sampson, a Sorority member. But the relationship was short-lived, and they managed the transition from lovers to friends. 
Now, Joshua is on his own; a single Sim in a biiiiig apartment! Money is not a problem; he saved almost all of his grant money from four years at college. 
But he simply can't be bothered to put more than the basics into his apartment. After all, he intends to find a job in the medical field soon, and work hard towards his lifetime want, so he won't be spending much time here anyway. 
Three of his "brothers" from the Fraternity occupy the other three apartments in the building: Castor Nova, Kevin Beare and Ashley Pitts. 
Joshua does feel a bit lonely in this all-men building, and he enlists the help of a professional matchmaker. To his disappointment, though, she introduces a two-bolt lady to him - not a three-bolt one, in spite of him having forked out 5.000 Simoleons! - and she is not even from New Maximiliania. He ends the date very quickly and decides to really focus on his career instead. 
Still, after having lived with a bunch of friends together in one house for the past years, he finds himself longing for human company. 
How good that he has a membership card to the My Muse - Music & Dance studio! One of his wishes is to win a dance contest - but that wish remains unfulfilled. And he does not meet any suitable ladies, either. 
An outing to Speedy's Fast Lane Bowling and Eats is supposed to help him feel less lonely. 
At first, there are only male guests hanging out at the bowling lanes; Mercutio Monty and Connor Weir (far right) among them. 
He grabs a bite to eat at the counter and waits for the place to fill up a bit. 
Several more New Maximilianians show up: Julien Cooke, Mary-Sue Pleasant (talking to Joshua here), General Buzz Grunt, Luis Aspir and Regan Capp as well as Geoff Rutherford (at the counter) are all very nice, but none of the ladies is a possible candidate for Joshua's lonely heart. 
On Thursday night, Joshua receives his membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories. 
And finally, he finds a job as Resident! His first day on the job is Friday; by Saturday, he is promoted to General Practitioner. He spends all Saturday working on his skills for the next promotion and is happy to have something to do. 
Sunday, he has done all the necessary skill-building for the moment, and heads over to Central Park - always hoping to meet "The One". 
A good witch has just cast a spell over the park - it looks lovely, doesn't it? 
Joshua walks on and has a hot dog at one of the small fast food places in the park. Kent Capp is keeping him company, but he can not answer Joshua's question as to where to go in order to meet some nice ladies. 
Sunday afternoon, a still lonely Joshua warms himself up with a mug of coffee after his outing to the park. His only Christmas decoration is a tiny tree on the kitchen counter. What is his next week going to have in store for Joshua? Will there finally be a break-through on the romantic front? Is he going to advance in his career? Watch this space :-)


  1. Oh I like the Ruben brothers, especially when they become elders... heh.
    I had fun one time marrying off the boys to the girls from the greek house.
    Looks like Joshua is still looking for love here, hope he finds someone nice.

    1. The advantage of playing a single household such as Joshua's during his first week is that I can play on fast forward almost all the time, which makes the entire round a bit quicker :-)

  2. Awww....he seems so lonely. I wonder if he'll ever find anyone....must keep reading. :)

    1. It is just like in real life, isn't it; some can't decide who to be with because they have so many "3-bolt-loves" or romantic interests, while others seem to be destined to stay single for ever.

  3. Probably a good thing that he's single while working in the Medical career - a lot of skills needed and long working hours!

    1. Joshua seemed like a good man and I think he would have made a great husband and father, but his career was more important to him.


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