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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Bratford-Martin Family - Week 1

Does this short row of narrow town houses look familiar? It should - since we have been visiting with the households here before: The red house is Jessica Peterson's, the blue one used to be the home of Herb Oldie until his death (his housemate Andrew Martin still lives here), in the green house we have Jacob Martin, Andrew's son, and in the white house... 
...Monica Bratford, freshly graduated from university, where she used to live in one of the sorority houses. She is a Knowledge Sim with the lifetime want of being a Mad Scientist, and I am pretty sure she'll reach that goal. Behind her is the janitor who has just given her the rent contract to sign. Maybe you remember from the chapter about Andrew Martin and Herb Oldie that Monica and Andrew fell in love not long ago? 
Today, Monica decides to pop the question. No, not THAT question - at least not yet! 
But she asks Andrew to move in with her, and he does not have to think about this decision at all - he accepts, as you can see! Andrew is considerably older than Monica. His aspiration is Fortune, and he will reach permanent platinum once he has earned 100.000 Simoleons - no easy feat! Currently, he works as a Flag Capturer. 
The first thing he does is walk over to the green house, where his son has just moved in after coming back from university. 
And now, Jacob has accepted his dad's invitation to move in with him and Monica. He is a Popularity Sim and wants to become Hall of Famer; he has just graduated Magna Cum Laude in Drama. For the three of them, the tiny house feels a bit cramped, and money is no issue, so they decide to look for a new place instantly. 
They choose this beautiful house which was added to our games with the Garden & Mansion accessory pack. 
Monica and Andrew are in love, but have no bolts for each other. To change that, Monica is going to change her look by choosing a hair colour that is part of Andrew's turn-ons: 
Black! She certainly does look different, doesn't she? Andrew, on the other hand, does not need to change his looks, but Monica is attracted by men who are charismatic and good cooks, so he is going to improve the relevant skills. 
On Tuesday, Monica finds a job in the Science career as a Project Leader. 
Jacob has not found a position in the athletic career yet, and is putting his free time to good use by working on his body skill. 
Monica and Andrew still have only one bolt for each other, but that does not deter them from spending quality time together ;-) 
As you can see, the emphasis was on quality ;-D 
"I think it is great that we live together again, don't you, Dad?" Dad is busy working on his cooking skill, but I am sure he agrees! 
It is Wednesday, and Monica has just been promoted to Inventor. 
Andrew has just earned 25.000 Simoleons (altogether, not in one single day!). That is 1/4 of his lifetime want. 
Jacob finally becomes eligible for a membership card to the Platinum Gym. 
On Thursday, he finds a job as All Star. 
The career rewards object is instantly available to him, and he uses it all afternoon - work only starts tomorrow. 
Andrew's cookbook reading has paid off when he is invited to Sue's Secret Kitchen. 
On Friday, Jacob is made MVP. 
Andrew does not do anything to get promoted, since his lifetime want is not to reach the top of his career, but because of a good decision with a chance card, he is promoted to Platform Jumper. 
It is Promotion Day for the household - Monica is now a Scholar. 
On Saturday, Jacob is made Superstar. 
Andrew has made a less good decision with a chance card this time and is demoted. 
Later that afternoon, he has his last age transition and is now an Elder. 
On Sunday, he decides to give some financial consulting (after all, he is still far away from having earned those 100.000 Simoleons), but the computer is broken. When he tries to repair it, he is electrocuted... 
...but thankfully manages to finish the repair without suffering too much damage himself. On this grateful note, we leave the household until it is time to play the families whose surname begins with an "M".


  1. Wow, this is one of those families where the son is older than the new love interest. They seem like they all get along well though.

  2. When the father passes, the son can inherit the lady ;)


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