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Monday, 27 August 2012

The Thomas-Bubbler Household: Week 4

The Bubbler-Thomas household (or Thomas-Bubbler, it doesn't really matter) are beginning their fourth week in New Maximiliania. On Monday morning, both of them unsuccessfully attempt to pet the skunk. 
A quick shower later, they head to their business "Bubbler's Bubbles", which reaches rank 4 today. 
"Thanks" to an evil witch, a thunderstorm breaks lose, and when lightning hits one of the trees near the shop, everybody is glad that there is a fire alarm outside (it was already there when Ty and Sam bought the shop) and the firefighter is there minutes later. None of their customers comes to any harm, but they lose at least one customer star because of it. 
Ty has, by the way, made his Golden Restocking Badge today, while Sam now has the Bronze Cash Register Badge. By making a sale to Puck Summerdream, "Bubbler's Bubbles" rises to rank 5. 
All work and no play at this household? No, don't worry - although Sam and Ty dedicate indeed most of their waking moments to Ty's lifetime want of having five top-level businesses, they also know how to have a good time together :-) 
Sam has never neglected her own career, and on Tuesday, 7 days away from Elderhood, she reaches her lifetime want when she is promoted to General. After that last promotion, there is only one thing she wants to do: quit her job, take early retirement, so to speak, in order to have more time for Ty's businesses. 
On Wednesday, Sharon Wirth pays a visit to the shop. Of course Ty has heard of the dramatic events at the house where Sharon used to live with her sister's family and lost them all in a house fire, started by a faulty computer. He takes extra care of Sharon and hopes that her visit to his shop made a difference to what otherwise must be really very sad days for her. 
On Thursday, Ty makes a sale to Ripp Grunt and his shop is now on Rank 6. 
While Sam earns her Silver Badge for Restocking, the shop moves even further up the ladder and gets to rank 7. 
Usually, Sam and Ty have a hearty breakfast together before they call their usual taxi to the shop, and that is no different on Friday. 
Sam has now her Silver Cash Register Badge, but it is while Ty is working the till when "Bubbler's Bubbles" reaches rank 8. Because of all his good interactions with other Sims, Ty's reputation is now that of a Prominent Personality. The reporter to the left, in the red track suit, writes another excellent report about the shop. (Usually, I do not pay much attention to the reputation system, but with those two being Popularity Sims, I had a look.) 
Every now and then, the evil witch comes back and leaves a "present" in the form of bugs. So, on top of manning the till and restocking the shop, talking to the customers and keeping the place generally in order, Ty and Sam need to take care of that as well. 
At home, there is always something to do, too, especially now that it is autumn and the leaves in their yard need raking. 
On Saturday, Ty comes down with food poisoning. They still go to the shop, but only after he has had a good rest. Sam makes sure of that, and lights the fire for him so that he can relax properly in front of the fireplace. 
On Sunday, the shop reaches ranks 9 and finally 10 - that is Ty's 2nd top level business! Next time we'll visit this family, there will be a new business to open, and I already know what it is going to be :-) (Note the different set-up of counters and till. The customers kept getting in the way of Ty and Sam when they wanted to ring up their purchases, and sometimes left in a huff, throwing their shopping bags on the floor because of the long wait - you can't expect that much logic of a Sim, can you!) 
Back home, the yard in front of the former wedding cakes and wine shop, "Bubbler's Bubbly" (as opposed to "Bubbler's Bubbles"), has a slightly neglected air to it, with overgrown shrubs and weeds, a muddy hole dug up by stray dogs and old newspapers piling up. This will change when we'll be back for week 5.


  1. Wow another level 10 business, that's impressive. This has been a great few rounds for these guys.

    1. It was really hard work for them (and for me), but they seemed to be enjoying it.

  2. You're really fast with the businesses! Congratulations!


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