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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Bratford-Martin-Family - Week 3

- - - Update 7.8.2012 - - - Monica Bratford still lives here... do Jacob Martin and his half-Alien daughter Martina and his father Andrew. In one single day, Martina learns all her toddler skills, thanks to copious amounts of SmartMilk :-) 
Monica takes almost as much care of the youngest household member as her dad and granddad do. 
On Tuesday, Andrew repairs the trash compactor. Of course, there is more than enough money in the family to either hire a repairman or simply buy a new compactor, but Andrew being a Fortune Sim, he does not like to spend any money on something he can very well do himself. 
Samantha Ottomas walks past the house in the afternoon and is invited in. 
Monica and Andrew enjoying some peace and quiet in their room. Having a toddler in the house certainly makes for less of such moments than before! 
On Wednesday, Monica, now in summer clothes as befits the temperature, makes use of the shady patio to study for her next promotion. 
Andrew, although not specifically working at any promotion of his own, returns from work as a Platform Jumper after he has given the correct answer with a chance card. 
It is Thursday, and we better take a good look at Martina as a toddler... 
...because this was the last time we were going to see her like that before she turns into a child ani instant later! 
Her room now looks much more suited for a school girl. 
From tomorrow onwards, she will do her homework at this desk. 
On Friday, Monica goes to work with a smile on her face. It looks as if she already knows in the morning that she will return home with her lifetime want come true - she is promoted to Mad Scientist and has reached Permanent Platinum 11 days from Elderhood. Well done, Monica! 
Martina has fun sliding down the banister after she has done her homework. 
On Saturday, she maxes out her body skill. 
Her Dad returns from work on Permanent Platinum: He is now Hall of Famer and will become an Elder in 10 days. His colleague Benjamin Baldwin accompanies him today. 
I just loved this scene and therefore wanted to show you the picture of the three elderly gentlemen (Benjamin Baldwin and Matthew Picaso with Andrew) obviously enjoying each other's company, and life in general! By the way, Andrew now has the want to earn 62.500 Simoleons, which is - for me - the only way to know how close or far off he is from reaching his lifetime want of earning 100.000 Simoleons. 
It is Sunday evening, and we leave the Bratford-Martin household until those Sims whose surname begins with an M will be played. Andrew is now 69, Monica and Jacob are 8 days from Elderhood, and Martina has 5 days to go before she will become a teenager. She is obviously already pondering what it will be like to grow up!


  1. Hi there! Just read the first 3 Bradford - Martin stories, I dont remember the Martins. I hope you dont mind me entering on the old stories, but if you do I will stop. There are missing pictures in the 3rd story here I was wondering if you changed you picture style in this story.The story... great but I became obsessed with what happened to the pictures.

    1. All pictures are perfectly visible here for me; maybe it has something to do with blogger or your browser when you look at them?
      You are very welcome to comment on my old stories, I love it!

  2. These guys are fun, I haven't played any of the Martin's yet so I'll be curious how it goes when I get there. I like the little bee grow up thing, I haven't noticed it before in the catalog.

    1. It must have been there from the base game, I think, because the "bee" theme is there already in the first baby cribs and changing table, as well as wallpaper.

  3. I never had that bee ruler either, must look for it in the catalogue! I guess it is a decoration item, and I'm not so good with decorations :)

    1. That is one reason why I like looking at other people's Sims blogs, I often get good ideas for decorating and furnishing my Sims' homes.


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