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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Broke-Lee Household, Week 2

This snow-covered house belongs to Emily Lee and Dustin Broke, two aspiring City Planners who met and fell in love with each other while at college - and without me contributing to it :-) Sadly, the first week they spent at this house was overwritten with this update, but most of it was about promotions anyway. Let's just have a quick look at Emily and Dustin to refresh your memory, shall we? 
Emily Lee is only ever seen with her pink cap on - with the exception of the bed and the shower. 
Dustin Broke, Brandi Broke's eldest son, has just finished studying another skill point needed for his next promotion. 
Both had the career rewards object available as soon as they started work after college, and since their bedroom is the biggest room in the small house, the drafting tables are put there. 
This is their office, complete with their university diplomas, blueprints and architectural designs on the walls. 
On Monday, Dustin makes his lifetime want come true: He is now a City Planner! So, 22 days away from Elderhood, he has reached Permanent Platinum. Really not bad, considering how the poor chap started out when the game begun. 
Money is really not an issue any longer - as opposed to what life was like for Dustin when he was still a teenager - and he indulges himself with this stylish sports car.
Emily is at the telescope night after night - she needs 3 logic points before she will be eligible for her next (and last) promotion - and on Wednesday night, she receives her membership card for the Aspirational Laboratories. 
On Thursday, Dustin maxes out his enthusiasm for art. 
The special plaque given to him looks good on the wall in the office, doesn't it? 
"Don't we have a good life together, honey? All violins and roses for us!" Dustin smiles at Emily. (They are, unlike of what I thought I remembered, not 3-bolt-lovers, but have only 1 bolt. But since they decided on their own to fall in love with each other, without me doing anything to provoke it, they shall stay together. They are neither engaged nor married; maybe that wish will appear for one or both of them some day; for the time being, they live together quite well.) 
When other New Maximilianias pass by their house and both or one of them are at home, Emily and Dustin always make sure to greet them. Here, Erik Swain obviously finds Emily quite attractive; she doesn't notice, since John Burb is talking to her about football. 
While they share a platter of Chef Salad, Emily mentions how attractive she finds Chester Gieke... hmmm, I don't know whether this is such a good topic for conversation? Dustin does not look particularly happy! 
Friday evening, the couple have more guests. I always like watching what they are doing, don't you? Here, Bottom Summerdream is talking animatedly to Barry Beaker (one of the sons of Loki and Circe Beaker), while John Burb is watching telly... 
...pretty Etsu Cho is using the computer in her host's office... 
...and Erik Swain is doing nothing - he just sits there and stares into space. 
On Saturday, both Emily and Dustin have the day off, and Dustin feels it is about time Emily meet his family - at least some of them. Since his youngest brothers have just left for college, only his mother Brandi, stepfather Leod and brother Beau come over. They all gather in the living room and talk... 
...until the berry pie Emily has lovingly prepared for Dustin's family is ready. 
Sunday, Dustin goes to work, while for Emily it is yet another day off. She has now completed all the skills necessary for the promotion to City Planner, but she does not have to work until Monday. To pass the time with something useful until Dustin comes home from work, she learns everything there is to learn about fire safety. 
The week ends with Dustin going shopping for clothes better suited for spring and summer. How long until Emily is going to reach permanent platinum? Are the two of them going to get married? Will there be offspring some day? When the alphabetical list reaches L, we will be back :-)


  1. These two are fun. I love the office in this house, it looks very fitting. I also enjoy watching what the sims are doing, it can be super funny sometimes.

    1. It was fun to decorate their house and set up their office! I just wish it would be possible to really use it as an office.

  2. Love the office, too! Very nicely decorated

    1. Thank you - I was quite pleased with it myself :-)


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