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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

McGreggor Family Album

A collection of pictures from the McGreggor farm:

The farm, situated in the oldest part of New Maximiliania.
Leod McGreggor, when the game begins.
The farm in winter.
 Leod has invited Brandi Broke for an afternoon of fishing...
...and getting to know each other better. Much better!
 Eventually, Brandi accepts Leod's invitation to move in with her four boys.
The house gets an extension so that there is enough room for everyone.
Floorplan upstairs with Leod and Brandi's bedroom on the left, Dustin and Beau's on the right.
Floorplan downstairs, with a bigger dining table and more chairs than before.
Brandi thinks Leod is the best thing that could have happened to her - a man who not only loves her, but is able to offer her children a safe and healthy environment to grow up in.
She likes Leod's pets and helps training Grimalkin for his career.
Her toddler twins, Brent and Benvenuto, have their own nursery now (that's what the extension was built for). With Beau still being at school until 3.00 pm and Dustin being home at 1.00 pm, her eldest son often helps out with the little ones.
Beau likes living here - although Brandi is not sure about Leod allowing the kid to use the pruning shears on the fruit trees in the orchard!
The twins grow up, and get new furniture for their bedroom.
Beau (left) and Dustin (right) are very close; they still remember the hard times after their Dad died before the twins were born.

Beau grows up to be a sensitive and thoughtful teenager. One day, he wants to be a world class ballet dancer, and a ballet barre is mounted on the back deck of the house for him.

Beau has never forgotten how his big brother Dustin was always there for him when he was little, and he proves to be a responsible big brother himself when the two older boys help the younger ones with their homework.

 With great results - Brent and Benvenuto soon bring home their A+ reports!

Dustin still brings home A+ reports, too, but also something new: girls! Violet Jocque is their guest this afternoon, and Leod makes Hamburgers for the young people.
 Then it is time for Dustin to leave for college. Beau will miss him, but is also excited to have...

 ...a room on his own for the first time in his life!

A lovely shot of Leod, showing how happy he is now that he can provide for Broke and her boys - they are his family, and this is what a farm house should be like, full of people who like each other and the place they live in.
 All the good, wholesome food, made with their own produce, has caused Brandi to gain some weight :-)
Brent or Benvenuto (sorry - I can't tell them apart anymore on their childhood and teenage pictures) playing chess with Etsu Cho.

 Brent and Benvenuto turning into teenagers.
The assessment visit of the headmaster of New Maximiliania's Private School went well, and all three of the boys were admitted.

Leod turning into an Elder... 
 ...followed by Brandi.
The outfit I gave Brandi after her age transition.
Leod getting his Golden Talent Badge for Gardening.
The whole family (minus Dustin, who is at college) around the dining table. I just love gathering my Sims around the table and watch their animated faces in conversation!
All set up...
...for Leod's and Brandi's wedding! They finally tie the knot, and Leod takes Brandi's surname, so that he and the boys all have the same.

Of course, Dustin came home from college for the wedding.
Cutting the cake.
He brought along Emily Lee, his college sweetheart, and introduced her to his mother and step-dad.
 Soon after the wedding, Leod became the very first Sim ever in my game... turn into a PlantSim!
The portraits in Brandi and Leod's bedroom will always be there as a reminder of the time when they were younger.


  1. Wow, this is another family I have yet to play...well, ok, I've played the Broke's before. She looks happy there. :)

    1. She deserves happiness after all she went through earlier on, doesn't she!


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