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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Ruben Brothers and Marla Biggs - Week 3

- - - Update 21.3.2010 - - - Back at the apartment building which is quite familiar to you by now, I suppose :-) 
Joshua Ruben still lives here... does his brother Martin... 
 ...and his three-bolt-lady Marla Biggs. 
On Monday, Joshua is promoted to Medical Researcher. That is very close to reaching his ifetime want! 
Martin is promoted to Specialist... 
...and Marla to Magazine Editor. 
As usual, Martin is the "chosen one" when it comes to dealing with any device in the household that needs repairing. Some things never change! 
On Tuesday, Martin is promoted to Surgeon. This spring sees rain almost every day, as Marla states when she gets off the car after work. 
Still on Tuesday, Joshua makes his big dream come true: He is now Chief of Staff, on Permanent Platinum and still 13 days away from Elderhood! Ashley Pitts and Kevin Beare, his former fraternity "brothers", seem to be duly impressed. 
Later in the evening, a lady in bohemian clothes is seen delivering Marla's club card to the My Muse II - Art Studio. 
She has done a beautiful painting of yellow tulips which goes really well with the general yellow theme of the big dining / living area of their apartment. 
On Wednesday, Martin is promoted to Medical Researcher. Just one more step on the career ladder for him, and he will have reached his lifetime want, too! But it is not that easy - first, he has to acquire two more logic skill points, and then there is the whole weekend ahead during which he won't go to work. Marla, on the other hand, has just achieved her lifetime want: she is now a Media Magnate, with still 20 days away from Elderhood. What a great life - found her three-bolt-love AND is on Permanent Platinum; makes you almost a bit jealous, doesn't it? ;-) 
It takes Martin until Friday to max out his logic skill, and as I said, he won't go to work again this week - therefore, we will have to wait until the next week at his household before he reaches his lifetime want. 
"I am looking forward to my brother's last promotion," Joshua tells Marla over breakfast on Saturday morning. The brothers will both be Chief of Staff then - apparently, no problem for either of them :-) 
Every time another New Maximilianian passes by the building, one of the three flatmates tries to invite them in. It does not always work - they live on the top floor, and more often than not, the stairway is blocked by someone else living in the building, and they can not get to the passers-by until it is too late. This time, though, Elizabeth Aspir waited long enough and is rewarded with a delicious meal of bass and squash. 
On Sunday, the three of them decide to visit King's Gardens - always with the possibilitiy in mind that Joshua might meet the woman of his dreams - she should be wearing full face makeup, be very logically-minded and NOT fit. 
Sadly, no lady matches Joshua's criteria at King's Gardens, and the same is true about the Archimedes Arcade, where our trio is headed next. 
So it is back home, and back to his science blog for Joshua. 
Marla has completed a portrait of each of the Ruben brothers. 
Joshua, you will find many a star by looking through your telescope, but you won't find that special lady, I am telling you! Is he EVER going to be lucky in love? When the letter "R" is next on my alphabetical list, we might find out :-)


  1. Well Joshua might find more than he bargained for if he keeps at the telescope! Great that he's permanent plat though, and Marla too. I'm not a fan of apartments but yours looks really nicely decorated. :)

    1. When the first batch of college students were ready to move to the main neighbourhood, I thought it a good idea to put them into apartments. Now I am beginning to move some of them to the houses in Downtown, some of which I have never used in my game before.
      Sometimes I can't be bothered to do much decorating and furnishing, but when that bug bites me, I quite enjoy it :-)

  2. These are very nice looking apartments. I don't play with apartments often, but sometimes they are fun. The household looks happy, even if Joshua is still lonely.

    1. It's still the same one where Joshua went to live after graduation. I did try to make it look nice, and I'm glad you like it!

  3. In Belladonna I use that building for some of my sims, but it's hard to take pictures on the fourth floor, the angles are strange

    1. That's true; pictures on apartment lots are often a little tricky.


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