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Monday, 27 August 2012

The Thomas-Bubbler Household: Week 1

This apartment building is where we start yet another chapter from New Maximiliania, and once again, our main character is someone who has moved here straight after their graduation from college: 
Sam Thomas. Sam's aspiration is Popularity and she thinks that "General Thomas" has an irresistible ring to it. Back at university, her major was in Political Sciences (what could be better fitting for a future General!) and she earned herself the memberships to the Platinum Gym and to "Games of Glory". She also found her college sweetheart there: Ty Bubbler, who she fell in love with on her own accord, without me making them do anything romantic. 
Of course, as soon as she has signed the rent contract for her apartment, she invites Ty - to stay. And stay he does! Ty is a Popularity Sim just like Sam, but he wants to own 5 top level businesses. His major in college was Philosophy and he was also a member of "Games of Glory". Other than that, he adds 18.950 Simoleons to their now joint bank account. Adding to this the items they had in their inventory (you remember how I always give them objects for their inventory for the same amount of Simoleons they received in grants), they now boast an impressive 54.176 Simoleons. 
What happened to Sam's hair here? Yes, you've seen right, she has changed from black to brown. I did that in order to make this nice 2-bolt-couple into a 3-bolt-one. 
Here, Sam is talking to Klara Vonderstein, another tenant who lives in the same building. 
Sam does not find a job, but she and Ty are now 3-bolters. Both had the same turn-ons: brown hair and good at cleaning. Guess what skill Ty is studying in this picture :-) 
...and of course he has brown hair now, too. 
They celebrate their newly found threeboltness by... erm... investigating the contents of the wardrobe in their bedroom ;-) 
Ty wants to start working towards his lifetime want by opening a home business, but they do not have room for that in the apartment. There certainly is enough money to buy their own property, and so the couple decide to move to the oldest part of New Maximiliania, where they acquire this piece of land with two houses: one to live in and one for their first business. 
"Does it HAVE to rain on our opening day!" Sam complains. 
Never mind, all is set and ready for the first customers in "Bubbler's Bubbly", the small shop where Ty is going to sell champagne and wedding cakes. 
Lisa Ramirez is his first customer. "Yes, Mrs. Ramirez, I am glad you came, even on a cloudy day like this! Welcome to Bubbler's Bubbly!" he greets her. 
While Ty manages to bring his business to Rank 2 on the opening day... 
...Sam finds a job in the military career: she can start as Counter Intelligence tomorrow morning. 
Ty already has his Bronze Sales Badge, but he is still rather slow with the cash register. 
Way too slow for his customers' liking! 
On Tuesday, Sam is happy to start her career, while Ty's shop reaches rank 3. 
Wednesday sees Ty receiving his Silver Sales Badge as well as the Bronze Cash Register Badge. 
On Thursday, "Bubbler's Bubbly" gets to Rank 4. While Ty receives his Gold Sales Badge, a reporter is collecting information for a review. She is satisfied with what she finds, and not only does she write a good review about Ty's business... 
...but she also hands him the "Best of the Best" Award. The shop is now on Rank 5. 
On Friday, Sam is promoted to Flight Officer. 
She is also seen helping her sweetheart with the shop and makes her Bronze Sales Badge. 
On Saturday morning, Ty is invited to the Aspirational Laboratories. He does not have time for that - he is far too busy with his shop, I'm afraid. 
 As Saturday moves on, "Bubbler's Bubbly" is on Rank 6. 
Ty has every reason to smile - and it has nothing to do with the flirty glance Ophelia Nigmos seems to be casting in his direction here: He has received his Silver Cash Register Badge today as well as the Bronze Stocking Talent Badge. 
We end this rather boring account of shop stories with a picture of Ty in front of the first Simoleon he earned with "Bubbler's Bubbly", and thinking of his "Best of the Best" Award. The shop is now on Rank 7, and Sam, who has had today and yesterday off, has been diligently working alongside Ty, making both her Bronze Stocking Badge and her Silver Sales Talent Badge. 
When will Sam return to work? How long until Ty's first business will reach top level? And what kind of business is he going to open after that? I know the answer to two of these 3 questions already :-)


  1. Bubbler's Bubbly is a great name for a champagne and cake shop! That kind of business was probably irresistible for you with a surname like Bubbler!

    1. Exactly :-) And the business he opened after that first one also has a very fitting name!

  2. A fun round. I am terrible at business in this game. I have a sim in Breeze Point who is working so hard to get her 5 and I'm afraid she is never going to make it. You seem to be really good at it. I love the name, its fun and fitting.

    1. If I don't have too many households with businesses, I enjoy it - it's just like with uni, I need to switch between different forms of households or else I get bored. That is one reason why I like my way of playing, I am never too long with the same family :-)

  3. Fantastic shop with a fantastically fitting name :)


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