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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Ruben Brothers and Marla Biggs - Week 5

- - - Update 1.8.2012 - - - Just how I left the Ruben-Biggs-household last, their situation has not changed. Remember - I am conducting an experiment with the three of them: all being on permanent platinum, I let them completely do what they want, which, more often than not, is totally unreasonable. On Monday morning, we find Martin tucking in on a bag of crisps while his 3-bolt-lady Marla is close to starvation - in full view of the well-stocked fridge. 
Later that day, Joshua turns into an Elder. 
Again - while he is on the brink of starvation, Martin has no better idea than to read the paper (while yesterday's paper is still there on the floor). 
After that, he still does not get himself anything to eat, but searches the internet about astronomy instead. 
He even has a shower (badly needed!). 
And although he keeps thinking of food, he prefers painting. 
A familiar scenario by now! 
On Tuesday, going to work saves all three of them, because they "eat" while at work. 
And Martin even sleeps in his own bed for a change! 
On Wednesday, the brothers return from work to find Heather Huffington and a townie in front of the house. Martin suddenly falls in love with Heather, even to the point of having a red heart above his head!! He has only two bolts for her, and still a firm three for Marla, and I only hope she will not find out about this (by the way, Heather does not seem to be aware of Martin's feelings). 
By Thursday, the bathroom next to Marla and Martin's bedroom is in quite a terrible state: the tap on the bathtub is broken, everything is full of grime and smelly, and there is water all over the floor. Without me telling her to do it, Marla puts it upon herself to clean everything (but not repair the broken tap). 
On Friday, Martin misses work for the first time since the start of my experiment. The game informs me that he had taken a day of paid leave. 
Joshua has a pillow fight with neighbour Tiffany Sampson. 
Oh! Can you believe it - Martin makes himself (and only for himself) dinner - and lobster, too! 
On Saturday, the white van of the repo man pulls up in front of the apartment building. Of course, nobody has thought of paying the rent on Monday, or the Tuesday and Thursday bills. 
Marla seems to be totally oblivious of the repo man entering the apartment, while Joshua (not visible in the picture) starts to cry as soon as the man starts his work. He takes the mirror next to the door as well as a small decorative object from the shelf in Marla and Martin's bedroom and the vase with the tulips on the sideboard. 
When the repo man has left, Joshua goes downstairs to the swings in his PJs. Have you noticed he suddenly has pointed ears?! Obviously, Bottom Summerdream, who has just recently graduated from college and moved back to New Maximiliania, has noticed it - and likes what she sees! 
Martin and Marla hug and kiss more frequently again, now that it is spring. 
As usual on a Saturday, the landlady had ordered some pizza for her tenants. It proves to be crucial to the survival of Martin, Joshua and Marla. 
On Sunday morning, Marla surprises me by making an omelette - only for herself, though. In other households, one of the Sims will often prepare a group meal, but not here. Notice the old papers on the floor, and Joshua is already bringing in the new one. 
Thank you, Martin! He clears up at least one of the old papers. 
And then he really surprises me by getting the bills (note: they are all red ones!) from the mailbox. He does not go as far as paying them, though. 
Look at the state of Joshua's bathroom! 
Martin and Marla have both chosen to sleep in Joshua's bed tonight. Their next week will see them turn into elders. Will that make them any wiser as to their eating and other habits? Is anything going to become of Bottom Summerdream's attraction to Joshua?


  1. haha, yeah how funny about the ears- only happens when he turned elder. That surprised me too.
    What a good round though, despite the mess/near starvation/general stupid behaviour. I think I'd notice if a guy walked into my place with a large gun on his shoulder. :D
    At least Marla has her still life painting of the tulips eh?!

    1. Yes, the Repo Man was not interested in any of Marla's paintings, they were probably not valuable enough to him :-)
      Funny, isn't it, how some of the Maxis-made Sims have pointed ears once they turn into Elders!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a sim pay the bills of their own accord, does that happen sometimes? Get the bills yes, but never pay them, at least that I can remember. Interesting how everyone just made single meals, usually I see group meals too.

    1. Hmm... I don't think they pay on their own accord, but I know they can get the bills from the mailbox on their own accord. Some things are just not thoroughly programmed through, are they!

  3. Paying bills and repairing stuff, or restocking the fridge, will not happen without divine intervention. Unless they have a butler, they can sometimes (but not always) stock the fridge

    1. I've not played a household with a butler often, but next time I do, I will definitely watch whether he will stock the fridge or not.
      I have seen Sims getting the mail, but never paying bills on their own initiative.


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