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Friday, 24 August 2012

The Roth-Broke Household, Week 4

- - - Update 24.8.2012 - - - Monday morning, the start of another week at the Roth-Broke household. Xander is off to school, as usual. 
Sandra and her dad meet have a friendly chat while Suzi has fun with the RC car - I didn't know that dogs can "attack" the car! I thought this only works with furniture. 
Later that day, finally the option appears for Suzi to try for puppies with Tramp. 
Brent receives his Silver Gardening badge. 
Sandra is very happy that Brent has come to live with her and her family, and she now has the wish to get married - I think I'll let the two of them act on that.
Tramp is now an elderly dog. 
When Xander comes home from school, Helena Stacks is with him (her parents are Jane Stacks and Matthew Hart). 
Sandra likes preparing meals for the family with fresh produce from their own garden. 
Morty is promoted to Medical Researcher. 
Xander greets Cyd Roseland. 
It is Tuesday, and Brent decides he needs to do something about his bulging midriff. As soon as he gets fit (after only a few hours of punching), he and Sandra are on three bolts! 
Today, Melrose Moonbeam comes home with Xander after school. After he has done his homework, Xander leaves for college - and I forgot to take a picture of him getting into the taxi. 
Morty is finally on Permanent Platinum like his wife: he has just been promoted to Chief of Staff! He is now 66. 
On Wednesday, Suzi gives birth to three adorable puppies: Roy, Rhonda and Roly. 
On Thursday, Max Flexor walks past and is invited in by Brent. 
Sandra and Brent are never bored in spite of not having jobs. There is always something to do around the house or out in the garden and with the five dogs the family now have. 
On Saturday, Sandra suggests: "Let's get married today! My parents both have the day off, and it is still warm enough to celebrate in the garden." 
So, as soon as they have placed chairs and a wedding arch in the back garden, Brent rings his family, and they all come: (from front to back) his older brothers Dustin and Beau, his mum Brandi and twin brother Benvenuto... well as close friend since school days Etsu Cho, step-dad Leod McGreggor, his brother Dustin's fiancée Emily Lee and friend Marcus Baldwin. 
At the same time, the three puppies grow up into identical looking dogs. They really are identical, which is why I am only showing one picture. 
Brent and Sandra are ready... 
...and so are their guests. (The odd-looking guy with the long ginger hair and the terribly loud jacket is a townie who came gate-crashing - I never saw him until I looked at the wedding guests!) 
Meet Mr. and Mrs. Roth, jr.! (Brent took Sandra's surname, since she was the one to have the wish of getting married) 
Morty congratulates his daughter. 
After the guests have left, the pet adoption service is called - Sandra and Brent have the lifetime want of raising 20 puppies or kittens, and it won't ever happen unless they make room for more pets. At the moment, they have reached one fifth of their lifetime want. 
On Sunday night, I have Morty and Stella once more change into formal wear. They both have formal wear and fitness as turn-ons, and although they are now both fit and formally dressed, they do not get beyond two bolts for each other. Never mind! This was a fun household to play, although so shortly after the McGreggor farm with all the dogs there, it was rather similar. How is Xander settling in at college? Will Sandra and Brent soon have more puppies to raise? Are Stella and Morty going to become 3-bolters?


  1. I don't know if you know this but the reason the puppies all look the same is because it's a big dog with a small dog. When that happens all puppies will always look like the the mother dog. I didn't know that when I first had dogs that tried for puppies. Fun round and I loved the wedding. :)

    1. Thank you, I didn't know that this happens when big and small dog have puppies together.
      I love to play weddings!

    2. I love that there always seems to be something new to learn about in this game. Either some quirk about it, or some interaction you have never seen. It amazes me just how much there is to see and do in this game sometimes.

  2. NEver mind my comment to the last update, now I have the answer on big dog/small dog puppies :)


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