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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Broke-McGreggor Household - Week 3

Welcome back to the Broke-McGreggor family! Brandi and Leod are now both 66 and Beau, who moved back in after graduating from college, has 28 days of adulthood in front of him. Unlike most of the other households, the week here begins on a Saturday. Abby has just been promoted to Therapy Pet. You can tell it was a hard-earned promotion - she is very tired. 
Brandi's sleep pattern has become as irregular as that of all elderly Sims, and she often rests on the settee during the day now. 
Beau has been promoted to Dance Video Star. 
The gypsy lady is quite busy in New Maximiliania these days, distributing magic lamps left, right and centre! Maybe I will let Brandi use it; it is unlikely that she will really make her lifetime want come true. 
Benvenuto, who has graduated from college, moves back in and gets a warm welcome from his older brother Beau. 
Grimalkin, the oldest of the five dogs, dies that afternoon - mourned by the whole pack. He had a happy and long life and will be put to rest on the pet cemetery at Gamesend Grounds. 
Grimalkin's death means Brandi can now adopt a new puppy. Little Goldy is promptly brought over by a friendly police officer. 
Brandi wants to show her new puppy to her best friend Vidcund Curious and invites him over. 
Beau is promoted to Interpretive Dancer. 
It has been a cold day, and to ward off the evening chill, a fire is lit in the living room. Unfortunately nobody thought of taking away the rug in front of the fire place, and a fire breaks out. It is quickly dealt with by a firefighter, though, and no Sims or dogs come to any harm. 
On Sunday, Toto is promoted to Guard Pet - that's one step away from reaching the top of his career and helping his master towards his lifetime want! 
Speaking of said master, the bugs from Leod's bug collection manage to escape - have you ever had that happening in your game?!
Beau already has his next promotion and is now a Tap Dancer (still in his outfit as Interpretive Dancer here). 
On Monday, Brandi is so busy outdoors with filling the dog dishes, cleaning the dog houses and washing the dogs that she does not even notice how cold she is until it is too late and she needs to be thawed by Leod with the help of a hairdryer. 
Brent, Benvenuto's twin brother, comes visiting on his own accord. Since he lives with Sandra Roth, he won't move back in with his Mum and brothers, but that does not mean he does not want to see his family. 
Abby is promoted to Seeing Eye Pet. 
Tiffany is now an elderly dog, and Leod instantly calls her workplace to have her retired - she has served long and faithfully and now deserves all the rest she can get. 
Beau comes back in his Tap Dancer outfit with a promotion to Ballroom Dancer. 
On Tuesday morning, Benvenuto gets his Bronze Gardening badge. 
Was he overdoing the gardening?! Toto seems worried... 
...but no, Benvenuto was simply showing Toto how to play dead, a skill the dog needs for his next promotion. 
On Wednesday, Goldy grows up to be a chubby ball of fur - none of the other dogs look like him :-) He is only the third puppy out of the 20 Brandi wants to raise. 
"It is wonderful how you advance through your career promotion after promotion," Brandi is proud of her son Beau, and rightly so! Benvenuto, on the other hand, has not yet found a job. He dreams of becoming Media Magnate and checks the Simternet for available positions in the journalism career every morning. 
It is Thursday, and Toto has just been admitted into the Pet Corps! He is now on top of his career level and the 5th pet of Leod's to achieve this. Only one more of his dogs needs to make it to the top, and Leod will have reached his lifetime want. 
Toto is not the only one with a promotion today; Beau is now a Flamenco Master (still in his Ballroom Dancer outfit here). 
On Friday, Leod teaches Abby to roll over. That should enable her to be promoted next time she goes to work - but as she has the next few days off and our week at this household is over, we won't find out for a while yet how long it will take for Leod to become the first Sim in my game who has achieved the lifetime want of having six pets reach the top of their careers. 
Beau goes to work in his Flamenco Master's outfit. (The girl next to him is Helena Stacks, daughter of Jane Stacks and Matthew Hart.) 
What about Benvenuto? He still hasn't found a job, and although he helps around the farm and with the dogs a lot, being unemployed has made him become a bit chubbier than what he used to be ;-) Is Brandi going to adopt another puppy soon, or will Goldy get along well enough with one of the female dogs to help her with her lifetime want? When will Benvenuto find a job and start working towards his own lifetime want? How soon into their next week are Beau and Leod going to reach their respective goals?


  1. Goldie is a cute ball of fluff from what I can see. I do like this family. I'll be interested to see what happens to these guys in Megalahood. Like, will Brandi meet Leod and fall in love? lol I love this game.

    1. It was very nice playing this family, not a moment of boredom here. Yes, it will be interesting to see what Brandi is up to you your game!

  2. Raising 20 puppies is actually possible. I did it with Gerd Lind in Mattsmyra! But my lot was bugged so couldn't "make my own" but had to adopt all.

    1. I wonder if any Sim in my game will ever make it!


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