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Friday, 31 August 2012

Burb Family Album

Some random snapshots from the first week of the Burb family in New Maximiliania, after they moved here from Pleasantview:

Little Lucy, proudly bringing home her first A+ report from school. In the background, you can see Coral Oldie who was paying a visit that day. 

Lucy and her Dad spending a fun afternoon having a waterballoon fight in the yard.

When her Mum returned from work, Lucy always made sure to run out to welcome her home.

She was a friendly and polite little girl; here she meets and greets Alexander Goth.

Lucy turned into a pretty teenager.

Sally Riley was a bit older than she, but the two of them got along very well.

Sally often came home with Lucy after school, and the two girls would spend hours talking about their plans for when they would be grown up. Little did they know back then that poor Lucy would not live long enough to even finish college.

With her parents, Lucy got along as a teenager just as well as she had as a child.
(Note the change in furniture and decoration. At first, the Burbs didn't have much money left after buying the house, but with both John and Jennifer doing well in their jobs, they eventually were able to afford better furniture.)

A view of the kitchen with some Christmas decoration and John getting ready for work.

Lucy loved the Christmas season, and winter; in fact, the last time her parents saw her was at her dorm's Christmas party a few months before she died. Here you can see her just having made a snow angel. She is probably an angel in Sim-heaven now.


  1. I'm sorry I haven't commented before, but I should warn you that I'm not the best follower :) Most of the time I do read the posts, and think I'll comment later, but don't find the time for it anymore, so I'm really sorry.

    I have to say, I think it's amazing that you don't use any cc! I don't think I will be able to do that anymore! But I've been playing with CC for years now.

    Sometimes I wished I had done more with the origianl pleasantview, but I started my own SimsVille and I never looked back to the other hoods.

    It's interesting to see those sims we all know, actually have a life :)

  2. Hello Tanja, thank you for commenting! It is good to know someone actually reads these posts :-)

    Many years ago, I was an avid CC user. But at least twice some bad CC made my game crash, and I was sick and tired of that. Also, I find it is more of a challenge to make do with what there is, without adding anything extra.

    The pre-made Sims are quite interesting in their own way, I find - some more than others :-)

  3. I know what you mean about crashing problems, but I find I'm still unable to enjoy playing without my CC (both the clothes I've only altered in colors and the CC I've downloaded). I'm a weakling lol I can't give up my cheats and the few hacks I have either. I tried one day just playing with no cheats (like I did in the beginning) and I thought I'd go out of my mind. I think it's admirable that you play without any of that, so you'll have more of a challenge but must admit I don't want to have a challenge lol I want to be the Sim god when I play. But I find most Sims 2 and 3 blogs are written by people who don't use CC or at least not much and don't use cheats except for maybe "moveobjects on" and "Plumbbobtoggle off"

    1. Oh, I perfectly well understand the want for CC - some of the original outfits, furniture, wallpaper etc. are just too ugly/drab/mismatched :-)
      To me, playing without cheats, hacks and CC is more fun, because I do like the challenge it presents.

  4. Meant to say I just love Lucy Burb. In my game she's grown and married now and just had a baby. She was my first Sim to go to University. She also has younger twin sisters who look a lot like her, and they are now teenagers. Their mother Jennifer (Katharine in my game since I already had a Jenna and a Jenny!) just had an affair with a sexy gangster, and John (Josh in my game again because I already had a John) caught them. So whether they will stay together remains up in the air. I love hearing how premade families do in other people's games, just to compare!

    1. Your constellation sounds interesting! Will you let me (and your other readers) know about the developments in the Burb household?
      I liked Lucy Burb very much, too, as well as Carolina Curious, and I was a bit sad when they both died in the fire at their dorm, but I stuck to my own rule of interfering as little as possible.

  5. Wow...sad to hear that Lucy dies so young. Life seems to start out so well for these guys.

    1. Every time I see Lucy Burb on someone else's blog I wonder how she would have turned out in my game.


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