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Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Roth-Broke-Household, Week 3

- - - Update 12.3.2012 - - - Monday morning at the Roths': Stella and Morty are just getting up... is Xander. What is this new week going to bring? 
First of all, it brings Sandra back from college. She has graduated Summa Cum Laude in History and is happy to be back with her family. She will now try her best in terms of her lifetime want, that of raising 20 puppies and kittens. 
Her dad is obviously happy to have this re-addition to the family :-) 
Usually, I like to leave the choice of whom to fall in love with to my Sims, but in some cases, I help things along a bit... Brent Broke (one of Brandi's twins) has the same lifetime want as Sandra, and so I brought the two of them together while they were still at college. Now that Brent has graduated in Biology, he is ready to move back to New Maximiliania - but not to the McGreggor farm, where he grew up with his older brothers, his mother, Leod McGreggor and several dogs and cats, but with Sandra. 
"I am so happy you joined the family," Sandra tells her sweetheart over dinner, while he is secretly worrying about wether he is going to get along well with his so-to-speak mother in law, Stella. 
Stella, blissfully unaware of Brent's worries, has just received her Silver Gardening Badge. 
Brent and Sandra both have new clothes; the ones they age-transitioned into were not very nice, and did not befit the approaching summer, either. 
On Tuesday, Stella is invited to the Peerless Park, but she has to go to work and can not follow the invitation, at least not today. 
Brent and Sandra call the pet adoption service, and not long afterwards, a cute female puppy named Suzi is brought to their house. 
Summer has only just begun, but with a thunderous start! Unfortunately, lightning hit one of the big trees in the yard, just when Brent was close to it. He got hit, too, but thankfully the stroke was not fatal. 
In fact, he was soon well enough to do some gardening in Stella's greenhouse while she was at work. He did grow up on a farm, after all, and maybe he also hoped this would bring him some brownie points with Stella :-) 
On Wednesday, Morty is promoted to Surgeon. 
On Thursday, Sandra receives her membership to the My Muse Art Studio. She has been painting a nice portrait of Tramp, the dog the family originally acquired while I was not playing them, but some other household, and they were present on the pet shop community lot. 
The Roths often have guests; today, Pascal Curious, Jill Smith and Roxie Sharpe join Sandra and Xander for dinner. 
On Friday, Stella makes her Golden Talent Badge for gardening. 
Summer is well and truly here now, and Sandra loves being able to walk about in just shorts, a sleeveless top and flip-flops. 
Xander could, if he wanted to, now go to the Peerless Park along with his mother. But some way or other, everyone is always busy with other things. 
Saturday is here - Xander does not need to go to school or do homework, and he knows just what to do with his favourite day of the week: he invites his classmate and friend Gerlinde Greenman over. Soon, the two of them become best friends... 
...and a few minutes later, without my doing, hearts fly between them. 
Brent has been living here for more than 5 days now, and it is about time he sees his own family again. His mother Brandi, his older brother Beau Broke and Leod McGreggor (the first Sim turned into a PlantSim in my game) are the first ones to arrive. 
Brandi and Stella get along fine; like many elderly ladies, they like talking about health issues. 
Brent's oldest brother Dustin sits next to him at the dinner table, and his girlfriend Emily Lee takes a seat at his other side. Brent's twin Benvenuto finds all the chairs are taken by the time he arrives in the dining room. 
A better look at Dustin and Emily. Maybe you remember that Dustin actually has fair hair, but he coloured them black in order to match Emily's turn-ons better. 
On the Sunday, the puppy Suzi grows up - that's one down, 19 more to go for Sandra and Brent...!! 
So far, Suzi and Tramp have not at all acknowledged each other's presence, which is a shame, since Sandra and Brent hope that Suzi will soon have puppies with Tramp. 
Morty and Xander enjoy some father-son-time together, playing video games in Xander's room. 
Sandra has changed into a pretty dress (it is Sunday, after all), and while she is working on a portrait of Suzi, finally the two dogs start playing with each other. Is their relationship going to get good enough for them to have puppies together? When is Morty going to reach his lifetime want of being Chief of Staff? Will Xander go to college? Is Stella going to stay in her job of Hall of Famer, or will she retire eventually? Morty is now 64, Stella is 62, Brent and Sandra will be Elders in 20 days, and Xander will grow up in two days. Tramp will be an elderly dog in just one more day, but since Suzi has only just grown up, that should not be a problem for the puppy-plans :-)


  1. Awww, I like Brent and Sandra together, they seem very cute. I like Sandra's new dress it's very pretty.

    1. It's a pleasure playing these two, they really are cute! I wouldn't mind having Sandra's new dress for myself in real life :-)

  2. When breeding a small dog with a big, how will the puppies be?


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