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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Ruben Brothers and Marla Biggs - Week 4

- - - Update 18.3.2012 - - - Back at the Ruben-Biggs-household, we find the place somewhat buggy: every now and then, the inhabitants of the apartment building and their guests find themselves unable to mount the stairs. More than once, I have to use the move_objects on cheat to make way, so that they can get to their apartments or to work. 
On Monday, Martin makes it to Chief of Staff just like his brother; he is 14 days away from Elderhood. Now all three household members are on Permanent Platinum, and I am going to experiment a little, leaving them to their own devices to see how capable of survival they are. They shouldn't do too badly, since they all have full logic skill, which is usually said to mean they decide more "logically" than other Sims. 
Tuesday goes by pretty uneventful. On Wednesday morning, Marla goes outside in just her dressing gown and slippers. 
Everyone keeps going to work when their car pool turns up, regardless of how hungry, tired or unwashed they are. 
Marla's boyfriend is Martin, but she spends a lot of time in Joshua's bedroom, hanging out on his bed (with Martin), talking about their neighbours. 
The typical Sim behaviour, when left to their own devices!! 
And of course, nobody repairs the broken shower. The landlady/janitor doesn't do anything about it, either. 
By Sunday night, all three of them are pretty much starving - in front of the more than half full fridge! I really wonder whether they are going to survive another week at this rate... Joshua will turn into an Elder tomorrow, while Martin and Marla are still 8 days away from that.


  1. lol, I like the idea of leaving them to their own devices, even if they are all stupid about it. :D

    1. It is not always easy to just watch - sometimes I am tempted to intervene :-)

  2. I have managed to leave uni sims to their own devices, and typically someone eventually starts the process of taking care of themselves, but not always. I have noticed it seems that if I direct them to do something a few times they start to do it more on their cleaning, but maybe that's just the way it seems.

    1. I have made the same observation. Also, sometimes it seems to spur them on seeing another Sim start on something, for example, gardening.

    2. Yes, I've noticed that too with gardening especially. :)

  3. The landlady will not do anything about the broken stuff unless asked, I have noticed


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