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Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Broke-Lee Household, Week 3

- - - Update 25.2.2011 - - - Back at the Lee / Broke household, I find out that Emily has 3 bolts for Martin Ruben. But since she and Dustin have been college sweethearts and fell in love entirely on their own accord in spite of them having only 1 bolt for each other, I have decided not to make Emily act on her 3-bolt-attraction. It is Monday, with both Emily and Dustin being 15 days away from Elderhood. Looking at Emily's radiant smile, I think you can guess what happened: she has just been promoted to City Planner and is now on Permanent Platinum just like Dustin. 
In order to increase their chemistry, I have Dustin change his hair colour to black (one of Emily's turn-ons). They still remain on one bolt, though. 
On Tuesday, the two of them have the day off and decide to celebrate their double-Permanent Platinum by inviting over friends and family. Dustin's younger brothers (is this one Benvenuto or Brent?) are there as well as former fellow students like Tom Freshe here... 
...Ellen Frost, Chaz Whippler, the Davis brothers, Beau Broke and the other twin (again, Benvenuto or Brent?). 
Emily has made yet another delicious berry pie, but strangely their guests prefer to grab bags of crisps and cans of juice. 
And of course, the inevitable bathroom traffic jam happens - only ending when the party is over and the guests all leave! 
Late at night, Dustin does some stargazing... ...and is kidnapped by Aliens!! 
By Thursday, he finds out why he has been feeling unwell on Wednesday: he has returned with a souvenir from the Alien space ship, just like quite a few other men in New Maximiliania!
On Friday, Emily goes to work while Dusin does some gardening. Thankfully, the spray he uses on their orange tree does not harm him or the unborn baby. 
Saturday morning at 8.08 (really!) Dusin goes into labour. Now he knows what his mum has gone through four times - with himself, Beau and the twins Brent and Benvenuto! 
While Emily is hiding behind her newspaper, Lee was born - with an entirely human face and only the Alien skintone to prove his heritage. (I have decided to name him Lee in honour of Emily's surname; her and Dustin are not married, not even engaged, but they live like a married couple and will both take care of the baby together.) 
Of course, the tiny house is way too small now, and since money isn't a problem in this wealthy household of two City Planners, they purchase this house which came to our games with the Mansion and Garden Stuff Pack and has never been used in my game before - I am looking forward to finding out what it is like inside! 
I have given most of the rooms a complete make-over; for the time being, the top floor master bedroom has also the baby crib and changing table, although there is plenty of space for Lee's own room when he will grow up. 
The welcome committee consists of Julien Cooke, Marissa Cleveland and Ana Patel. 
The guests admire the spacious office where Dustin and Emily have their drafting tables as well as show all their City Planner work on the walls, along with their university diplomas and the special plaque for maximum creativity. 
Lunch is served in the dining room. 
Before the guests leave, Ana joins her hosts for a round of fishing at the large pond. 
"What a catch, eh?" Yes, Dustin, what a catch indeed :-) 
On Tuesday (the week started again at Monday when the household moved here, but as they alread had reached Saturday at their old house, I have decided to play only two days at the new house, so that there would still be 7 days all in all), Phineaus Furley, another ex-fellow student, drops in and gets to try Dustin's blackened catfish, freshly caught from the pond. 
The week ends (on Tuesday night) with Dustin having made his Bronze Fishing Badge. Next time we'll visit with Emily and Dustin again, we'll find out what little Lee looks like as a toddler, and whether his dad and step-mum will ever get married!


  1. The men in New Max sure seem to be popular with the aliens of the world. Lee looks really cute, with his human features. It will be cool to see what he looks like as he grows.

    1. Yes, and the only abduction I have influenced was of Loki Beaker, all the others happened without me doing anything. There are now somewhere around 20 half-Aliens in the hood.

    2. Wow, although I guess Breeze Point is getting quite a few as well. So far I don't think anyone has been abducted in Fellowship One or Megalahood....I know they will there though. A Curious brother is no one else. :)

  2. Another alien baby! You will soon have the whole neighbourhood related, since you have so few other babies :)

    1. That is a kind of "worry" I have been thinking about, too.


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