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Friday, 31 May 2013

The Singles Family Album

Here are some snapshots that I managed to retrieve from the first week at the Singles household in New Maximiliania:

 The Maxis-made house, as it looked like when the four Singles first moved in.

 Lola, Chloe and Erin having dinner.

To begin with, the four girls shared one bedroom and could only afford the cheapest of beds. Then Erin moved out, and in with Nervous Subject (whom she married later). And then, Kristen met Checo Ramirez, her 3-bolt-love; he left his family for her and moved in with her, giving a very welcome boost to the household bank account.

The house seen from the back, with the new upper floor added (bedroom and bathroom for Checo and Kristen).

Kristen and Checo. Not only did he bring some money, he was also a much better cook than the girls :-)

 Kristen with Silvia shortly after she was born.
Checo with his baby daughter.

Lola meeting Beaumont DeBateau for the first time.

Lola moving in with Beaumont:

Lola's final years:

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