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Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Singles Household: Week 5

- - - Update 1.4.2012 - - - Everyone is sad about Checo's death.
His daughter Silvia starts to paint melancholy landscapes.
When Kristen returns from work on that Friday night, she turns into an Elder.
Saturday, Silvia does not have to go to school and is glad to welcome Pauline Aspir, who happens to walk by. Maybe spending time with someone her age will help take her mind off her father's death for a while.
Chloe maximizes her mechanical skill.
Sunday, Silvia is glad to have another lie-in before school starts again on Monday.
Oliver Ottomas, another classmate of Silvia's, joins the Singles for their Sunday dinner, consisting of well-spiced bowls of chili con carne. "I do hope you'll get your final promotion soon, auntie Chloe," Silvia says.
Not long after that meal, Chloe turns into an Elder. Silvia now shares the house with three elderly ladies.

While she spends the evening upstairs, painting as usual, she is given a plaque for maximum enthusiasm in arts & crafts.

Monday is Snow Day, and Silvia does not have to go to school. Tuesday goes by without anything worth mentioning. Wednesday, Chloe and Lola, who had been at ill terms with each other for quite a while now because of Don Lothario, finally make up and are friends again. "The two of us are half-sisters, after all, we shouldn't be quarrelling over someone like Don," Chloe reasons.

On Thursday (another Snow Day for Silvia!), Chloe is finally promoted to Criminal Mastermind, thus having reached Permanent Platinum at the age of 57.

On Friday, one of the first days of spring, Silvia dons the pretty dress made for her by Lisa Ramirez (or was it Tessa?). You better take a good look - this will be the only time you'll be seeing Silvia in this dress, and the last time we'll see her as a teenager: she has just phoned for a taxi to take her to college.

We leave the Singles with Lola being 67, Kristen being 61 and Chloe 59 years old. I don't know how much Lola has now earned from her money trees and the constant selling of paintings, but I suspect she is still quite far off from reaching 100.000 Simoleons.


  1. It's much harder to earn the 100K when you aren't at work but I'm sure it can be done! I suppose the others could paint and have Lola sell their paintings too?
    Silvia looks pretty in the pink dress, and college looming so soon, my, how they grow! :)

    1. Silvia's college "years" are already covered in other blog entries; remember, I do not post in strict chronological order, but in alphabetical order first. She appears in the chapters about several other students, as she was part of a group of eight playable students.

      Yes, Lola got to sell every single painting that was ever painted in that house, except for the select few that made to adorn their own walls.

  2. It must have been a terrible winter in the hood, with two snow days in a week! IRL, four years after this lot was posted, the winter is finally letting go of Sweden!

    1. How far up north are you? I follow a blog by a lady in Boras, and they have only slightly lower temperatures than we do here in Germany.

    2. Not so far, just an hour west of Stockholm, but we had snow last week!! They say it's gonna be 20 plus today though, so it's a bit of a roller coaster :)

    3. It's been around 27-28C here yesterday, and will be cooling down to 13 on Friday - roller coaster here as well :-)


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