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Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Reamon-Weir Household: Week 6

Once again, we are spending a week with Carla Reamon...

...and Connor Weir. Since they are both on Permanent Platinum, I will intervene only occasionally, for instance when another inhabitant of New Maximiliania walks by, or when a household device needs repairing. Other than that, I only make sure the fridge is well stocked and the bills are being paid.

Unlike Tessa Ramirez, who is very good at looking after herself on PermaPlat, Carla still prefers claiming she's hungry and why don't I do anything about it. Most of the time, the bar is her first stop.

Connor likes to start the day with some financial consulting or chatting online.

On Monday, Kristen Singles is greeted by Carla.

Carla even manages to be a reasonably good hostess by making Chef Salad! (That's the only meal she makes on her own accord, apart from the occasional burnt omelette for breakfast.)

On Tuesday, we find Connor in the kitchen, playing with the espresso cups. No Sim has ever used the espresso or coffee machine to make themselves a hot drink in my game. What about yours?

Carla's favourite computer game is SSX3, she plays it whenver she is not busy drinking ;-)

To add a little variety and make it easier for Carla to keep in touch with her many friends, I have her throw a party this afternoon, and make her change into this pretty summer dress. I've only now noticed that it is the same model that is used for custom dresses (see my posts about the Ramirez family).

Connor is taking a bath. At least someone in this household knows how to keep their hygiene level up.

Carla's party guests arrive just as Connor's car pool for work is here.

Lisa Ramirez, Nina Caliente, Jason Larson, Sharon Wirth, Gunnar Roque, Kristen Singels and Malcom Landgraab are invited.

I have Carla grill blackened catfish for her guests.

Malcolm rather has a can of juice from the fridge.

Only Jason Larson sits down with his hostess when the fish is ready.

Gunnar plays fetch with a stray wolf.

Sharon browses the Simternet for music.

Carla clears away the dishes without me telling her to.

Kristen and Malcolm enjoy a match of chess.

Lisa is blogging or browsing the net, watched by Jason Larson. A strange party, isn't it, with almost everyone in a different room, doing something else!

Later, Jason plays the piano, much to Kristen's delight. The party ends successfully, but Carla didn't interact much with her guests.

On Wednesday, I send Connor out to greet Jane Hart (née Stacks) and Pauline Aspir.

Guess where Carla is - at the bar again.

Connor joins her there.

Later, I find the two of them upstairs. This is one of the very rare occasions the two of them interact romantically. At 63, Connor can still hold Carla in his arms!

She reminisces about her native Twikkii island. No plans at the moment of sending them there (only if they show the wish am I going to do that).

Carla makes omelettes on Thursday morning.

Some nasty townie has thrown the trash bin over, which results in an infestation of bugs.

Melody Tinker walks by; Carla greets her, of course.

The night from Thursday to Friday sees the couple sleeping in the same bed at the same time for the first time this week.

They get up together and use the bathroom together - just like many couples in real life do.

The bugs are still there. Nobody is taking care of the weeds or trimming the hedge.

Carla has greeted and invited in a townie - I have made this exception, because Juan Reamon bears the same surname, and I treat him like a distant relative of hers. She even serves her "famous" Chef Salad :-)

Saturday morning, what Carla really needs is a bath or shower; instead, she limits herself to brushing her teeth and ignores the dirty toilet.

Sandra Roth passes by and is greeted by Carla. To my surprise, Sandra immediately starts taking care of the bugs. She does not manage to kill them all, but goes round the whole lot, spraying them wherever she can. Carla follows her round and stamps on the ones that are still alive. But she still does not pick up the trash can, or sweep up the dead bugs, or do any gardening.

Funnily enough, her fun level increases slightly every time she stamps the bugs!

On Sunday, Carla even talks to a friend of hers on the phone about the bugs. Connor is now 67, and Carla will become an Elder early on during their next week.

Is the bug infestation going to spread further? Will Carla and Connor ever show the wish to get married, or to travel to Carla's native island? By the time we reach the letter W on my list, we'll visit with this household again.


  1. I do wonder why Sims will head to the cabinet to clean their teeth when they can just jump in the shower!
    It seems that the more items they have, the less time they spend socialising. Party Poopers! lol.
    At least Carla has made salad now- that's one step up from the bar juice! :)

    1. She usually has a drink first, which raises her hunger level just a tiny bit, and after that, she goes and makes either salad or burnt omelettes, depending on the time of day.
      What a difference to Tessa Ramirez, who can really be left to her own devices!

  2. Your play style with permaplat sims is hilarious. What a mess they're in now! :)

    1. Sometimes it was hard to watch and not intervene!!!


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