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Monday, 13 May 2013

Gunnar Roque: Week 1

Gunnar Roque, who some of you will remember as one of the ex-members of the student band "The Shifting Paradymes" (together with Zoe Zimmerman and Jasmine Rai), has graduated Cum Laude in History and has moved to New Maximiliania, where he hopes to find enough lovely ladies to fulfill his lifetime want of having woohoo with 20 different Sims.
So far, there were six during his college years: Brittany Upsnott, Jessie Pilferson, Jasmine Rai, Tiffany Sampson, Zoe Zimmerman and DJ Verse. There are currently two 3-bolt-ladies among his relationships: Jessie (who married Mickey Dosser and is very happy with him) and Roxie Sharpe (who lives with her college sweetheart Jonah Powers). All that is not very worrying, but Gunnar's current financial status is: somehow, when he graduated, I forgot to give him his share of grants money in the form of objects for his inventory, and so he has only 1.965 Simoleons left after having purchased a piece of land.

And what piece of land it is! This Maxis-made "residential" lot is called "Old Silo Farm" and can hardly be called residential - there is only that one roofless "silo" in one corner, plus several trees and shrubs.

Gunnar knows of some New Maximilianians who were lucky in finding treasures on their land, and he starts to do some digging right away.

One rock and three bones later, he gives up the digging for now...

...and sells the computer who was presented to him by Mr. Humble instead, thus raising his bank account to 3.530 Simoleons. That allows him to purchase a toilet, a shower, a bed, a fridge, a stove, a table and chairs.

And just in time, because Jessica Greenman (nee Picaso), Don Lothario and Titania Summerdream turn up to say hello to the newcomer.

Later, Jessie Dosser (nee Pilferson), his old flame, rings and asks him to join her and a group of friends from uni downtown at Bernard's Botanical Dining. Gunnar thinks, why not for the sake of the good old times - and secretly hopes to have someone else pay for his dinner.

He meets Stella Terrano at the restaurant and is always happy to have one more phone number of a pretty lady to add to his address book. As for his plans on skipping out on the dinner bill - the host finds out what he has in mind, and he is forced to pay not only his own meal, but also that of his group of friends.

On Tuesday morning, he wakes up after a not overly comfortable night in the cheapest bed, surrounded by his cheap furniture in the tiny (and still roofless!) silo and thinks, this can't go on.

To make matters worse, lightning hits one of the trees on his land, and although the rain quickly puts out the flames, it makes him realize even more how precarious his living situation is.

And then Roxie, his friend from uni and 3-bolt-lady (although he never confessed his love for her!), turns up! She is visibly appalled by how Gunnar lives here.

Gunnar promises to fix the roof at least, and does so by having the top floor replaced by new roof tiles.

On Thursday night, he finally is successful in yet another round of digging for treasures, and finds a rock, a small statue and the coveted treasure chest. He sells everything and has now 6.530 Simoleons.

This will be the last time he sleeps in his narrow bed next to the knackered old fridge!

On Friday, he has a tiny, modest house built next to the old silo, furnished with the most basic stuff but still a lot more comfortable than his former dwelling; he has 1.007 Simoleons left and decides to leave the silo standing, as a memento to his humble beginnings in this town.

He invites Roxie over and proudly shows her his new little house - and of course the bedroom... It does not take long and Roxie becomes the 7th Sim Gunnar has woohoo with.

When she is gone, he asks Carla Reamon over - and she is # 8.

Unfortunately, Roxie decided to come back later on her own accord, and is NOT amused when she discovers the guy she has just cheated on her boyfriend with in the company of another lady, both wearing only their undies!

Sunday is here, and although it is not yet winter, this autumn proves to be particularly cold, and it has snowed already - good job Gunnar is not in the roofless silo anymore, but has his cosy little house! Klara Vonderstein is asked over, and Gunnar does not rest until she is his #9.

We leave Gunnar enjoying a bowl of mac and cheese on his own, after Klara has gone home to her boyfriend William.

How successful will he be with the ladies during his next week? And will his financial situation become any more stable, perhaps by him getting a job eventually?


  1. I had Bianca Monty in Veronaville move to this lot- it's hard work at first but I love it now. :)
    Gunnar is doing great with the ladies, of course he doesn't have time to work what with chatting up the ladies. Maybe he could afford an easel soon and paint for his supper? :)

    1. Anywhere on your blog that I can see how the "Old Silo Farm" lot looks like now in your game? Would be interesting!
      Good idea about the paintings - somehow, it never occurred to me in Gunnar's case. He could paint a portrait of every lady he has had something going on with... but that would mean he couldn't sell the paintings for money. Hmmm... I guess it'll be the TV first, and eventually, digging up the land again!

    2. You can see a picture of the lot here,, it's a few pictures into the blog.
      I didn't keep the entire silo, but the left hand building is part of the original. :)

    3. Cool, thanks!! Just had a look, and commented there on your blog :-)

  2. Never saw this lot, but it looks like a challenge, which we're always up for! Fun with the hearts in the windows for this lover boy :)


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