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Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Ruben-Biggs Household: Week 6

For the 5th week in this household, click here.
As another week begins for the tenants of the top floor apartment in this building, I am interested in seeing the continution of my experiment: a household where ALL Sims have been on Permanent Platinum for quite a while already and are not being controlled by me.

They are Joshua Ruben...

...and his younger brother Martin with his 3-bolt-love and college sweetheart Marla Biggs.

On Monday, while Marla and Martin are VERY close to death by starvation (in spite of a fully stocked fridge and enough cooking skills between them), Joshua prepares salmon - for himself only.

The apartment is in a bad state, as are Marla and Martin, as you can tell.

Still almost starving to death, Martin deems it more important to empty the kitchen bin than to get something to eat for himself.

The bills have been brought up from the mail box (it was Martin who surprised me with it during their previous week), but nobody thinks of paying them.

This has, of course, consequences!

The (actually quite dishy) Repo Man is paying a visit.

He takes Joshua's bed...

...the (broken) bath tub...

...the coffee machine (which nobody was using anyway)...

...and the computer. Not to worry, there is so much money between the three tenants that everything is easily replaced.

I suddenly realize that the Repo Man has become stuck at the top of the stairs - neither he nor Joshua can go downstairs anymore. Trying all sorts of things (move_objects on cheat, exiting into the neighbourhood and trying to re-enter the lot in build mode to replace the stairs etc.) does not work.

More or less around the same time, Martin turns into an Elder - still on the brink of starvation.

Marla, who was saved from starvation once again by having gone to work, gets off the car pool and instantly turns into an Elder as well. I decide it is time for a change - three elderly people with a lot of money would hardly choose to stay tenants in a top-floor apartment without lift, would they? No, they would buy somewhere nice with less stairs. And that is exactly what they do, after I have put their uni diplomas, career rewards and personal paintings into their inventories.

This is the house they buy. It is very spacious, with enough room to even have a friend or two move in at some stage, if the occasion should arise.

But first of all, Marla spins up the wish to get married, and after she has proposed engagement to Martin, he makes the decisive phone call to invite their friends to a wedding party. (Of course, I had to control them to do that, but it seems fitting for this 3-bolt-couple to finally tie the knot.)

Plenty of former co-students appear for the party. The balloons were all in Joshua's inventory, bought at Ty Bubbler's shop.

Chaz Whippler and Bottom Summerdream look very pretty together, don't they? (They are not a couple, but know each other from university, too.) On the door step you can see Sarah Love.

Juliette Davis (née Capp) is almost late for the ceremony (rounding the corner of the house in the background), but Martin and Marla patiently wait under the wedding arch until everyone is there.

More friends were invited, such as Ophelia Nigmos.

The wedding cake is the first meal taken in the newly furnished and decorated dining room.

And then, of course, it is time for toasts! By now, the welcome committee has arrived as well - I think there are 17 Sims on the lot now. Immediately after the toasts, most of the guests leave. This was fun to watch, and I wonder how many new friendships were struck among those Sims not living on this lot.

The aftermath of the party. Who's going to clean this up, I wonder?

Well, much to my surprise, Martin is clever enough to spray the bugs that resulted from the overturned bin, instead of just stomping on them.

He cleans up almost everything. I have no idea what the smoking pile of ashes is from!

On Tuesday, Helena Stacks comes visiting.

On Wednesday, everybody has managed to sleep in their own beds.

Martin finishes the cleaning of the yard on Thursday.

It must have been too much for him - when he returns from work that day, he passes out on the pavement.

It is Friday, and Joshua makes turkey - this time, for everyone, not just for himself.

Tiffany Sampson is a guest today, and the two ladies have a pillow fight on their own accord.

On Saturday, Joshua cleans up the smelly dishes from yesterday's turkey dinner.

And since nobody has been collecting the bills from the mail all week, let alone paid them, the household receives another visit from the Repo Man! (A different one this time.)

On Sunday, Martin cooks burnt lobster for all of them. They still eat it - rather have burnt food than cook something themselves.

By Sunday night, we have Joshua, Marla and Martin all congregating in one of several as yet unfurnished rooms in the house, where the men watch Marla's artful rope-skipping.

Joshua is now 68; Marla and Martin are 61. There is still no love interest for Joshua on the horizon - will there ever be one before it is too late?


  1. It's so fun to read the antics of non-controllable sims.
    I never see the repoman so that was interesting- he took loads of stuff though!
    Glad they moved- I love that house (I just put Goneril Capp & family in there in Veronaville), it's a nice home with some tweaking.
    Glad Martin & Marla finally made it official- looked like a great party with loads of guests.

    1. It was funny how about half of the guests left rather quickly after the toast - the other half were queuing for the only downstairs bathroom, in spite of there being THREE more bathrooms upstairs :-)

  2. Champagne gives you the urge for the bathroom that's true :)
    Nice house and nice wedding!


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