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Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Reamon-Weir Household: Week 4

- - - This was written in February 2012 - - - As we return to the Rutherford/Weir household, we find things have changed somewhat: Geoff Rutherford has moved out and married Lavender Greenman, the romance-oriented plantsim lady and one of Rose Greenman's children. Connor Weir is still here... is Carla Reamon, the 3-bolt-bride he imported from Twikkii Island.

It is now autumn, and Carla will need something else to wear; her clothes were very well for Twikkii Island's everlasting sunshine, but not adequate for the changing seasons of New Max. So off she goes on Monday to the Desprit Deals clothing store.

Of course, this is a welcome occasion to meet new potential friends, and she greets Vivian Riley (née Cho) and several other New Maximilianians.

Back home, she finds herself much better equipped to handle the chilly autumn mornings and evenings.

Connor is working at the last few skills he needs for that final promotion.

Hal Capp happens to walk by and is promptly invited by Carla to join her for dinner. "So you want 20 best friends?" he politely asks.

On Tuesday, Carla increases the number of best friends to 12.

When she rakes the leaves outside and burns the pile, the hedge near the pile catches fire as well. I don't know where it is, but there must be a fire alarm somewhere outdoors on this house, because the fire brigade are instantly there.

On Wednesday, Connor compliments Carla on having reached 15 best friends. That's five more to go and she will be on Permanent Platinum!

On Thursday, Best Friend # 16 is added to Carla's ever-growing list.

Once again, she repeats the mistake of lighting a pile of leaves too close to the hedge. And once again, the day (and possibly some lives) is saved by the fire brigade.

She invites Gunnar Roque over, and when Vivian Riley walks past, she is asked in as well.

Still on Thursday, Connor makes his dream come true: he is now a Space Pirate, four days before his next birthday.

On Friday, it is, for a change, not Carla to cause a fire, but Connor. His attempt of making pancakes for breakfast is not very successful.
Sharon Wirth is invited in, and it looks like Connor does not mind the two ladies chatting while he is having a nap on the settee in the same room.

Here he is in his Space Pirate outfit, ready for work.

On Sunday, Carla adds #17 to her list of best friends.

Later that day, she even manages to pet the skunk without it spraying her - once. When she tries to pet it again, it sprays her. I truly wonder whether anyone actually has ever managed to tame the skunk!

This week was for Carla Reamon's sake. When it will be Connor Weir's turn on the alphabetical list, we will be back, and possibly witness Carla's reaching of her lifetime want.


  1. I've never even seen a Sim pet a skunk without being sprayed so that was something, lol.
    Carla is almost there, she's doing great- good job they have a fire alarm eh? I love her new look.
    Connor finally got his LTW, he can enjoy his elderhood now!

    1. Someone once told me that there is a 5 % chance of a Sim petting the skunk without being sprayed. But that same person also said there is a chance of a Sim-lady getting pregnant from woohoo (without a hack), and so far, that has never happened in my game. I think it is legend, just as it is legend that a Sim can really "tame" the skunk.

  2. Nice outfits with matching hats for Carla! And congratulations to Connor for reaching LTW

    1. Thank you! Carla sort of grew on me once I decided to have her become a New Maximilianian.


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