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Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Reamon-Weir Household: Week 5

- - - Update 30.6.2012 - - - Monday morning sees Carla and Connor at the breakfast table. What does this week have in store for them?

Snow - and lots of it! While I was playing other households, Carla somehow made more best friends and now has 19 of them - that's just one left before she'll reach her lifetime want. Connor's social status says that he is now a Prominent Personality.

Monday evening, Connor turns into an Elder. Carla is still 16 days from Elderhood.

"Sometimes I do miss the never-ending sunshine of my home island," Carla confesses.

Connor suggests they make use of the sunny hours, warmly wrapped up against the cold, and build a snowman together.

When he is at work, Carla invites every Sim walking past. On Wednesday, that is Sally Riley.

Marissa Cleveland turns up on her own accord; she is one of Carla's best friends. The three ladies enjoy a batch of Hamburgers.

Thursday sees the beginning of spring, and Carla changes into something less woolly.

At around lunch time, she reaches her lifetime want when Sharon Wirth becomes her 20th best friend during a phone conversation - congratulations, Carla! She is 13 days from Elderhood.

They celebrate with drinks, generously poured at their own bar in the dining room by Connor.

Carla wants to win a dance contest and visits My Muse - Music & Dance Studio. I have not been playing on this lot for a loooong time!

Maid Lucy Hanby, a police officer and the head of the studio all participate in the contest along with Carla who chooses, of course, the Hula.

Even though no-one else here can do the Hula, not Carla, but the police officer wins the contest.

Never mind! Carla teaches the others the Hula, and soon everyone is swaying to the music, even a gentleman who happened to be visiting the studio at the same time.

Back home, Carla heads straight for the bar.

On Friday, Connor proves that his feelings for Carla have not changed after his birthday.

"I'd love to see you wearing the pretty necklace I gave you at the beginning of our relationship, darling," he says.

With both of them now being on Permanent Platinum, I decide to let them do whatever they want and only intervene occasionally. When left to his own devices, Connor writes his diary...

...tries to catch butterflies... (unsuccessfully, I may add)

...while Carla plays SSX...

...later, Connor plays with the espresso cups...

...and Carla has once more been at the bar, where she now is given her membership card to Sue's Secret Kitchen.

Connor starts Saturday morning by browsing the web for pages about fitness.

Carla wakes up nearly starving.

After a few drinks, she finally does the sensible thing and prepares Chef Salad.

She even cleans the kitchen counter on her own accord.

And then she plays with the espresso cups, just like Connor did the day before.

When he leaves for work, she spends the rest of the afternoon playing the guitar.

Sunday is pretty much a repetition of Saturday, with them doing just what they want. Let me end this week by showing you two pictures taken of Connor and Carla in their prime.

What will they do with the rest of their lives, now that they are both on Permanent Platinum? Are they going to get married? So far, neither of them had the wish, in spite of them being a firm 3-bolt-couple. Is Carla ever going to see her home island again?


  1. A very productive round! I love seeing what sims get up to when they aren't controlled. They can really let loose now, although Carla is a bit fond of the bar eh?
    It'd be nice for her to have a holiday I think! :)

    1. It's a possibility; I have not played on Twikii Island in a very long time. I wonder if she'll be as fond of the bar there as she is at home :-)

  2. Wouldn't it be nice if the two went back to Twikki for vacation!


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