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Monday, 13 May 2013

Gunnar Roque: Week 2

We are back at Gunnar's tiny house, and he is certainly back for more :-) 
Last time we saw him, he had the names of nine ladies on his list of "Sims I've Had Woohoo With". How many are going to be added this week, and who are they going to be? By the way, Gunnar has FOUR 3-bolt-ladies among his friends and acquaintances: Roxie Sharpe, Nina Caliente, Jessie Dosser (née Pilferson) and Lavender Greenman.

I don't know who, but one of his friends died while I was playing other households and left him a small sum. He has now somewhere around 1.600 Simoleons on the bank. Plus I found a big expensive flatscreen TV in his inventory, the type of item Sims get from "networking" with other Sims, but I have no idea when and where that happened. Also, Gunnar bought a toy at the Ramaswamis' toy shop while I was playing that family; I sold that immediately. Whenever he'll get into dire straits money-wise, I'll have him sell the TV.

On Monday, Stella Roth comes visiting, and her name is added as No. 10 on Gunnar's list. That's half his LTW done.

Later that evening, he manages to shift his relationship with Nina Caliente from "just friends" to something more.

It is unavoidable that so many different lovers cause trouble for Gunnar. On Tuesday morning, Jasmine Rai, his former band mate and co-student at university, is seen cicking his trash can over.

Gunnar knows the ladies won't find an overgrown yard and dirty house attractive, and so he dedicates most of the day to the necessary tasks around the yard and house.

On Wednesday, Jill Smith happens to walk by and soon becomes Gunnar's latest romantic interest.

Over a game of kickybag, the two of them make friends.

Gunnar even explains to Jill what he is going to do with the TV set in his inventory if he should run out of money.

On Thursday, Titania Summerdream becomes the 11th name on Gunnar's list.

Again, Jasmine kicked the trash can over, and an infestation of bugs is the result. Gunnar deals with it a lot more efficiently than Carla Reamon did when we last saw her!

In fact, she (who was Gunnar's Woohoo-partner # 8) rings him every day.

It is Friday, and Nina Caliente's relationship with Gunnar has now reached the stage where the two of them can do more than kiss, hug and flirt... That's 12 names on the list.

If it weren't for his weak chin, visible in profile, Gunnar wouldn't be so bad looking after all, would he!

Saturday sees the return of Jill Smith... and not just into Gunnar's arms, but straight into his bed, too. She becomes his # 13.

Guess who is on the phone today, talking to Gunnar about bugs? Yes, that's right, Carla Reamon!

On Sunday, the week ends for Gunnar with another entry on his list: Lavender Greenman.

That's 14 down, 6 to go. See you next round, Gunnar!


  1. It was nice to get the inheritance and goodies in his backpack. That's the beauty of playing on rotation I think, you never know what they get up to when you play other lots.
    Gunnar has done well this week with the ladies! I've never actually played Jill Smith to adulthood so it's nice to see how she turns out. :)

    1. I love that about playing on rotation, too! My Sims' inventories and their relationship panels is always the first thing I check when starting a new week at their household.
      Jill will of course get her own chapter; she's graduated and moved back to New Max, but it isn't her turn yet.

  2. Ticking off the ladies - there will sure be more drama in this hood as a result :)


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