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Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Singles Household: Week 3

- - - Played and written on 22.10.2009 - - - 
On returning to the Singles / Ramirez household, we find Checo doing his yoga exercises in the kitchen. Certainly a good way to keep fit, regardless of age!
Kristen is painting upstairs.
And Lola can be found never too far away from her money trees :-) On this Monday, she crosses the threshold of earning 8.000 Simoleons. Well, Lola, you still have a lot of work to do if you ever want to make 100.000!
Silvia comes home from school accompanied by Placido Picaso.
Chloe is promoted to Cat Burglar, while Kristen is once again demoted for the wrong decision with a chance card and back to being a humble Getaway Driver.

I have Checo trying to tame the skunk, but he is not successful.

Tuesday sees him increasing his fitness level even further. Well, he does want to live long enough to see his three children graduate from college, after all!

Silvia has her own reasons to be happy today: she brings home her first A+ report! Her mother is now back to her former job as Bank Robber.

On Wednesday, Chloe receives her membership card to the Platinum Gym.

Kristen is now a member of the Platinum Gym, too, and has been promoted to Cat Burglar today.

Cedric Cooke, Julien Cooke's half-Alien son, is one of Silvia's class mates. He seems to be pleased to meet someone the same skintone has himself :-) Lola can not be seen in this picture, but she has earnt 10.000 Simoleons today - a 10th of her lifetime want, and she is only 3 days away from Elderhood!

Friday evening, Silvia turns into a teen - but, oh my, this horrendous, non-matching outfit can not stay! Her aspiration, determined by lot, is indeed Knowledge - just like I thought when she kept getting these learning-related wishes when she was still a child :-) Her lifetime want matches that of her mother - she, too, wants to be a Criminal Matermind one day. Isn't it a bit sad that she does not see a more honourable way of using her bright mind?

This summer dress (and the slightly changed hairdo) are better, I think. It happened to be in her wardrobe, and so I decided not to send her to a community lot to buy new clothes.

Her corner has not changed much, but there are more books and magazines now, and the old childlike painting has gone.

On Saturday, Chloe is promoted to Counterfeiter.

Silvia receives her membership card to the My Muse II - Arts & Crafts Studio. But this is not all that's worth reporting on this beautiful sunny Saturday in the Maximilianian summer; Silvia has invited a special guest for dinner:

The Headmaster of New Maximiliania's private school! As a Knowledge Sim, it is her understandable wish to become a student there, and everyone helps in making the evaluation visit a success. In the end, she gets into the Private School with 94 out of 90 points, thanks last but not least to her dad's great cooking skill.

On Sunday evening, Lola almost does not manage to greet Jane Stacks because her own age-transition happens at that moment.

Kristen is now a Counterfeiter, too, being once again on the same career level as Chloe.

We end this week with a close-up of Lola as an elderly Lady; she is still pretty, I think, and has just earned 12.500 Simoleons.
The race is still on - who is going to be Criminal Mastermind first, Kristen or Chloe? 
Is Silvia going to have a boyfriend next time we visit the family? 
How long will Checo have to wait before even one of his children graduates? 

We'll see, shall we? :-)


  1. How nice for Silvia to get into private school, it's often a wish for Knowledge sims isn't it? I think she grew up very nicely and I like her room.
    Lola is a pretty elder, she has a way to go with her funds but I'm confident she'll get there!

    1. Of course I could have made Lola get a job, but I found it much more challenging this way.
      Yes, Silvia is a nice Sim, I like playing her.

  2. You have certainly given yourself a challenge to earn all those money without a job or business :)


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