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Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Rutherford/Weir Household: Week 3

- - - Update 17.12.2009 - - - It is Monday morning, 10 o'clock, and Carla Reamon arrives. Actually, she was invited to stay for 3 days as Connor's houseguest - but she leaves the same day shortly after 6.00 pm. Maybe she wasn't particularly impressed with Connor not even being there to greet her; he was already at work and instructed his best friend Geoff to welcome her.

Somehow, that Monday really wasn't Connor's day. After once again he had to decide whether to accept a thumb wrestling match at work or not, and this time decided to accept, he was demoted again from Warhead Disarmer to Dread Pirate. Funnily enough, when he decided to refuse the match last time he got the same chance card, it also resulted in his demotion.

Geoff, on the other hand, was promoted to Symphony Orchestra Conductor.

On Tuesday, Connor asked Carla for another chance, and this time, she did not only accept his invitation to come over, but also to move in! Meet Carla Reamon, first (and, so far, only!) former NPC to move to New Maximiliania! She adds 18.000 Simoleons to the already impressive household account, and we learn a bit more about her: She is a Popularity Sim and wants to have 20 simultaneous best friends.

Still on Tuesday, Geoff receives his membership card to the My Muse - Music & Dance Studio.

If it had not been for Carla and Connor to be a 3-bolt-couple, she would not be here. But I think they make a nice couple :-) Note the Twikkii Island souvenirs on the shelf.

Wednesday morning, Carla starts working on her lifetime want in earnest. Her first candidate is Victor Aspir.
This is, by the way, the Symphony Orchestra Conductor's outfit.

Playing chess with Victor, Carla receives her membership card to Games of Glory...

...while Geoff maximizes his Creativity skill.

Connor is glad to be promoted from Dread Pirate back to his former position of Warhead Disarmer again. Let's just hope the thumbwrestling match chance card does not come up again!!

In the evening, the three friends go jogging together.

On Thursday, Connor is promoted to Hostage Negotiator. Carla has not been idle, either, and has spent the afternoon making friends with Jennifer Burb over a game of kicky bag, watched by Geoff.

Another New Maximilianian walks by and is quickly invited in by Carla: Matthew Hart. "I am really having a ball here in New Max, I do not miss my home island at all," she tells him.

On Friday, while Connor is busy negotiating Hostages, Geoff plays the piano so that Carla can do a bit of Hula dancing :-)

When Geoff returns from work late in the evening, it is with his last promotion to Rock God! He has now reached Permanent Platinum, 9 days from Elderhood. Congratulations, Geoff!

Just to show you Connor's work outfit as Hostage Negotiator.

Saturday brings more friends for Carla: Blossom Moonbeam even learns the Hula from her.

Carla is now a member at My Muse - Music and Dance, too. Yes, that's Chastity Gere there in the black undies. Geoff has invited her over, and why shouldn't he? The old grudge that was between himself and Connor because of her is long forgotten and forgiven. Now that Geoff is a Rock God, Chastity is his most fervent groupie :-)

There he is, going to work for the first time in his Rock God outfit. It goes well with his hair colour, I think!

Connor, in the mean time, has been promoted to "International Sim of Mystery". He now needs several more skills, one of them is mechanical. While he is studying, he is invited to join other Tinkerers at Will's Garage.

Nothing really mysterious about this "International Sim of Mystery", is there? Except maybe the mystery of the elbow disappearing through the door... :-D

Sunday passes by without much happening at the Rutherford-Weir-Reamon household. Carla meets Ashley Pitts; he does not seem overly interested in what she tells him about the crabs on the beaches of Twikkii Island.

The week is over, and the friends have done well: Geoff reached his lifetime want, and Connor is not far off, either. Carla has joined the neighbourhood and is going to spread a bit of Twikkii through New Max, teaching some of her newfound friends the Hula and how to "Hang Loose". We will be back when the next round reaches the letter "R".


  1. How nice to see Carla join the house, she has a nice LTW too. (At least it isn't pets!).
    Geoff is a great Rock God- and yep, groupies and Rock God's do go together, lol. Poor Connor- he'll be there soon as long as that chance card doesn't re-appear! :)

    1. He he, yes, at least it isn't pets...!!!

  2. Congratulations to Carla, making it into the story! :)


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