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Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Singles Household: Week 4

- - - Update 28.1.2012 - - -
We return to the Singles household because it is Checo Ramirez' turn on the alphabetical list. Kristen Singles is promoted to Smuggler on Monday.

On Tuesday, from all the books on mechanics she's been studying, she is given her membership card to Will's Garage - not that she has any ambition to go there.

Checo has learnt that his daughter Tessa Ramirez has graduated Summa Cum Laude in History, and now he tells his second child, Silvia Singles (Tessa's half-sister), how happy it will make him when eventually she'll graduate as well, and then their little (half-)brother, Ramon. Silvia says nothing... does she sense her ageing father won't live long enough to see her even entering college, let alone graduate?

Tuesday night, Chloe has been made Smuggler, too, and is again on the same career level as her friend Kristen. On Wednesday morning, she, too, gets her ticket to Will's Garage.

Still on Wednesday, Kristen maximizes her mechanical skill; earlier today, she has already maxed out her creativity, just as her daughter Silvia has done the day before.

On Thursday, Kristen reaches permanent platinum by being promoted to Criminal Mastermind. In another two days, she will become an Elder. Looks like Chloe has lost the career race against her friend.

To cheer up, Chloe invites her 3-bolt-man Don Lothario over... and he does indeed cheer her up, but that does not go down well with Lola!

Still, Don keeps walking past the house. He obviously fancies Chloe as much as she fancies him.

On Friday night, at the age of 69, Checo Ramirez is given his very last cocktail and then follows the Grim Reaper and his Hula Girls to the afterlife. The housemates are distraught; Kristen is at work and does not yet know what has happened. Checo's wife Lisa (they never officially divorced, on the contrary, even after Checo moved in with his 3-bolt-love Kristen, there remained a red heart between him and Lisa) is left 17.600 Simoleons, his daughter Silvia Singles gets 9.900 and his youngest child, Ramon Ramirez, gets 8.400 Simoleons. All in all, eleven people benefit from Checo's death financially, and he died on Platinum, although not on permanent, since only one third of his lifetime want came true.

Since there is no Ramirez left in this household, my playing ends here - I will be back when the Singles' surname is next on the alphabetical list, and move to Lisa Ramirez' household instead.


  1. Aww, by Checo- he didn't have a particularly long life did he? But he certainly fit a lot into it.
    I'm sure all the girls will miss him as well as his children.

    1. Indeed, he didn't have a very long life. He was already an adult when the game started and did not spend that much time on Platinum, which may explain why his life expectancy was a bit less than that of many of my other Sims.

  2. Well, we cannot all live forever, can we? Bon Voyage, Checo!

    1. He never particularly grew on me; I probably did not play him long enough.


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