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Friday, 17 May 2013

The Roseland-Goth Family: Week 6

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The Goth-Roseland family still consists of the same Sims as when we last saw them: Cassandra Roseland, née Goth...

...her husband Cyd Roseland...

...and Cassandra's "little" brother, Alexander Goth, with his wife Tara, née DeBateau. Tara and Cyd are both on permanent platinum. Alexander will have to wait until he reaches Elderhood, since his LTW is to celebrate the Golden Anniversary. And Cassandra? Well, she dreams of raising 20 puppies or kittens, but it is unlikely she'll make it.

During their previous week, Alexander was kidnapped by Aliens. Today, Monday, he has his pregnancy confirmed.

Tara is doing for her husband whatever she can to make him feel comfortable.

Cassandra is not willing to give up on her lifetime want so easily and adopts Moody, a male dog who she intents to be the father of Jackie's next litter of puppies.

With two Sims on permanent platinum and two others who should be smart enough to master their lives without me constantly controlling them, I lean back and watch what everyone is doing. Cyd is the only one who can be bothered to prepare meals; chili con carne, most of the time.

It is Tuesday, and Cyd's faithful companion since Day One, Porthos, dies of old age. He must have been around 30.

Jackie (right) and Moody (left) give their old friend a long good-bye howling.

By Wednesday, it becomes obvious that Cassandra won't reach her LTW. A long time ago, the family was given a magic lamp, and now I have her use it.

She wishes for peace of mind, which equals permanent platinum. Sorry, Cass, I was really hoping you were going to be the first Sim in my game to reach this particular LTW!

Still on Wednesday, Alexander goes into labour - not in any of the four bathrooms of the large villa, but in the dining room.

Giselle Goth is born first...

...followed by her twin brother Gunther. Gunther? Does that name ring a bell? Well, it should, if you have been a Sims player from the beginning: In the first game, with one of the expansion packs, Mortimer Goth's parents were introduced. I can not right now recall the name of his mother, but his father's name was Gunther Goth. That would make him Alexander's grandfather, and I quite like the idea of a Gunther Goth promoting the family name. (Because before moving all the families to New Maximiliania I had to clean out their memories and family trees with SimPE, I can not check Alexander's family tree further back than Mortimer.)

Well, Tara and Alexander certainly have their hands full now! By the way, Giselle and Gunther make the 21st and 22nd half-Alien child born in New Max - all from the same pollination technician.

In the inventories of the four adults, there are several toys, purchased at Sophia Jocque's toy shop as well as at Priya Ramaswami's "Inner Child" shop prior to her fiery death and the closure of the shop. Now that there are two little ones in the house, I take all the children's stuff out of the inventories and turn the big empty room on the top floor into a nursery.

The same part of the room after my make-over...

...and the opposite part, with two cribs and two changing tables. As you know, money is absolutely no issue here - the household account is close to reaching 600.000 Simoleons.

Auntie Cass loves to help taking care of her little nephew and niece.

And so does Uncle Cyd.

In fact, there is fierce competition among the four adults - the poor babies are fed almost constantly, while nobody thinks of clearing up the empty bottles or making meals.

At least every now and then, one of them does a spot of cleaning.

In spite of the well-stocked fridge and plenty of cooking skills between them all, Alexander apparently prefers to eat smelly chili con carne.

On Friday, I have had enough of watching the house and garden descend into squallor and make everyone sit down for a proper meal together. And it is just as well, because...

...only a little later, Cassandra stops at the bottom of the stairs...

...and is approached by the Grim Reaper and his Hula Girls. Cyd and Jackie are deeply affected, and so is Alexander; for the next day or two, he keeps interrupting whatever he has been doing and weeps, grieving for his big sis. Cassandra was 75 years old, very happily married to Cyd, and absolutely free of any material worries all her life. Good-bye, Cass, I really liked you!

Before the day is over, the babies grow up into toddlers. Here, Tara is helping Gunther. With all the drama of Cassandra's death, I was too late to take a picture of Giselle's growing up.

Now Alexander has something else to focus on: instead of grieving for Cass, he rises to the challenge of teaching the twins their skills.

Moody's social life had been suffering (he and Jackie hardly acknowledge each other), but he loves being in the nursery and patiently lets the little ones cuddle him.

On Saturday, Alexander turns into an Elder.

On Sunday, the nanny's distinctive blue car pulls up in front of the house.

She can't believe her luck - being employed by the wealthiest family of New Max, even if only for the day! But why are her services needed? Tara and Cyd are both retired, and Alexander never worked in all his life.

He suggested a trip to the cemetery, and both Tara and Cyd wanted to come along.

The row of tombstones next to the small facility building marks the last resting places of several townies, most of them victims of the few cowplants dotted throughout New Max.

To the right of the building is the pet section. Several of Cassandra's dogs rest here, as well as Porthos, Cyd's dog.

The Goth family tomb holds Mortimer's mortal remains (right) and now Cassandra's, too (left). I think I will show you the cemetery (Gamesend Grounds) again at a different season, when you can actually see something apart from snow.

Back home, Alexander feels somehow comforted by his visit to the cemetery and is now ready to fulfill his own LTW of celebrating the Golden Anniversary. I have him make a layer cake for the occasion, and he invites eight of his friends.

Each and everyone of them receives a small gift (a bunch of daisies). This is Sofia Baldwin, whom Alexander went to college with.

Jennifer Burb is next... (remember, in his youth, Alexander was firm friends with Jennifer's daughter Lucy. Sadly. she later perished in a fire at the college dorm where she lived at the time. Alexander maintained a good relationship to what could have very well become his mother-in-law.)

...followed by Ripp Grunt.

The other guests are Beau Broke, Benjamin Baldwin, Sophia Joque, Jacob Martin and Dirk Dreamer (not pictured). Param Patel, the young man in sports outfit, is not a party guest but came past the villa on his jogging round and was invited in.

The week ends with Giselle and Gunther two days from growing up to children. Alexander is now 54 and has reached his LTW, Cyd and Tara are both 69 years old.

Jackie and Moody, the two dogs, are not going to have puppies now that Cassandra is not there anymore. Are the children going to grow up well in this house full of elderly people who do as they please (which is often not what they SHOULD be doing)? It'll take a while until we come to this house again, but they won't go anywhere until then :-)


  1. Mortimer's mother's name is Cornelia. I hope the kids make it to teen hood before the elders die off.

    1. Oh yes, that's right, Cornelia! Thank you! Had I remembered it at the time of the twins' birth, I guess I would have named the little girl Cornelia.
      Alexander is still relatively young at 54; I think he will live long enough to see his twins as teenagers. As for Cyd and Tara, their lifetime bars look as if they could make it well into their 70s.

  2. Wow were the twins natural? Does Alexander have the family boost for twins? That's the only way I've got twins from the telescope but one day I hope I'll have a non-family sim have them!
    I love their names, used to like playing Gunther & Cornelia's mansion back in TS1! Good times. :D
    It was nice to see Cassandra enjoying her niece and nephew before she died, she did have a great life and she is a nice sim to play.
    I can't wait to see how Giselle & Gunther grow up, in my megahood Alexander had an alien son so I'm interested to see how they look. :)

    1. Yes, they were natural - there are no hacks or any CC in my game. I think Alexander does indeed have the family boost for twins.
      Now that I know that Cornelia was Mortimer's mother's name, I really wish I'd have taken the time to find out and name the little girl after her. Of course, I could still rename her using the boolprop testingcheatsenabled true cheat, but I don't think I will.
      You're right, it will be fun to compare what Alexander's son looks like in your neighbourhood and in mine :-)

  3. Süße Alien-Zwillinge :) Ich hoffe ja das sie noch zu Teens werden bevor ihre Eltern vom Sensenmann abgeholt werden! Sonst würde ein Jugendamtmitarbeiter die Beiden abholen, oder?
    Zum Glück hatte Cassandra noch den Wunsch beim Dschinn frei!

    1. Genau, ich glaube auch, dass die beiden vom Jugendamt abgeholt würden, wenn kein Erwachsener mehr im Haushalt leben würde. In dem Fall würde ich sie dann von einer anderen Familie in New Max adoptieren lassen, so wie ich es bei Fenya Furley gemacht habe. Sie hat ihre ganze Familie bei einem Brand (Weihnachtsbaum) verloren und wurde abgeholt. Jetzt lebt sie bei Familie Hart, wo sogar schon eine ihrer Alien Halbschwestern auf sie gewartet hat.

  4. Can I see more from the house please?

    1. I am going to give you a lot tour for Christmas, Anonymous :-) Hopefully will have it online tonight.

  5. It must have been at his last fertile days Alexander got pregnant! Good luck with the twins!


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