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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Sharpe-Powers Household: Week 4

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Not long ago, I played this household because I was at the letter "P" as in "Powers" on my alphabetical list; maybe you remember that Jonah Powers has a half-Alien child, Perseida. Now we're back again, but this time, it is because I have reached the letter "S" on my list, and the Sharpe siblings, Roxie and Edwin, are next. On this Monday morning, Perseida is up early and starts cleaning the bathroom on her own accord.

I can't remember that I've ever tried for a child to use this career rewards object. It can be used by children, but they do not "hear" anything. When an adult uses it, little messages pop up, saying things like "Now I know where the neighbours hide their money", or "Sounds like someone is using the toilet".

Here is Jonah Powers, Perseida's Dad.

He and his college sweetheart Roxie Sharpe both have the lifetime want of becoming Hall of Famer, and they are doing quite well in their careers.

Edwin, Roxie's younger brother, wants to be Head of SCIA and is also not doing badly with work. Their house once belonged to the Grunt family, by the way.

Mitch Indie, one of Edwin's best friends, comes visiting.

Perseida comes home from her first day at school with class mate Glenda Greenman. Glenda is one of the children Jessica Greenman (née Picaso) has with Gary Greenman, her second husband and one of Rose Greenman's plant children.

On Tuesday, Edwin meets and greets Beatrice Monty.

It is the first day of snow this season. One of Roxie's wishes was to have a train set; there isn't enough room in the house for it, so it goes outside.

"Isn't it nice of your Daddy to have served such excellent pork chops," Roxie remarks over dinner. Beatrice's table manners leave much to be desired.

Edwin works late; he returns with a smile on his face and a promotion to Elite Operative.

On Wednesday, Perseida gets her first A+ report. I like her rain coat!

Selma Singles walks by, and Jonah, always wanting to make sure that his little girl has friends other than the three adults she lives with, asks her in to keep Perseida company for the afternoon.

Very late Wednesday night, Edwin returns from work as the latest Head of SCIA - he was lucky with a chance card (his skill profile does not match the requirements, actually), and has now reached Permanent Platinum, 12 days before Elderhood. Well done, Edwin! I never expected him to be the first member of this household to make it.

Thursday morning is Edwin's first day of not being controlled by me anymore. Sensibly enough, he sits down for breakfast with Jonah and Roxie.

What neighbourhood is this? Not a playable one - this is a close-up of the train set landscape. I have never properly looked at it. The little cars do not move, by the way.

Roxie has now fully equipped her train set. Jonah likes watching when she operates it.

Edwin was demoted - this time, he was unlucky with a chance card. He is back to his former position of Elite Operative, but never mind; he is still on PermaPlat, and that is what counts.

On Friday, it is Roxie's turn to be lucky with a chance card: she is promoted to Coach. Now she needs 3 charisma points for her next promotion.

Jonah didn't have a chance card, but was promoted the same as Roxie, which means he, too, is now a Coach and needs 3 charisma points.

Edwin is being a good PermaPlat Sim and makes chili con carne for everyone.

Roxie and Jonah are celebrating their promotions ;-)

Saturday morning, Jonah makes omelettes for breakfast and apologizes to his daughter. "Sorry, sweety, Roxie and I have to go to work today. But your uncle Edwin will stay with you, and you can invite some friends over for a playdate, if you like."

I do not control Edwin anymore, but when a New Maximilianian walks by, I have him greet them. His good friend Mitch Indie is here again, and soon, the two men perform the school cheer together.

Meanwhile, Perseida has indeed invited over some friends. It is one of the first fine days of spring, and soon, Glenda Greenman, Selma Singles and her brother Stig are having a water balloon fight with Perseida.

Edwin is once again being a good PermaPlat Sim and trims the rose bushes.

When Roxie and Jonah are back from work, I have one of them make Hamburgers. Mitch and the children all gather round the table.

But as soon as Mitch leaves the room, Perseida starts throwing food at Glenda.

It's nice seeing the kids having so much fun together! Of course in real life, I would never tolerate children throwing food, but in the game, I enjoy watching them.

Mitch returns later for another Hamburger. "You know, my other Daddy is an Alien," Perseida tells him. As if Mitch hadn't known :-)

On Sunday, Edwin spends hours in Perseida's room, writing his diary. He has a perfectly nice room on his own, but maybe the carpet in here is more comfortable to sit on than the wooden floor in his room.

Perseida has asked her best friend Glenda over again. She even allows Glenda to operate the train set, while she watches.

Roxie returns from work as a Hall of Famer, meaning she has reached her LTW two days before Elderhood.

The week ends well for the Sharpe siblings: both have reached their lifetime wants. I am sure Jonah won't have to wait very long before he gets there, too. And I am already looking forward to seeing Perseida as a teenager.


  1. Well done to Edwin on perma plat. I enjoy watching the silly things that I wouldn't tolerate in real life too! :)

    1. I'm not even particularly fond of children in real life, but I do love my Sims children... doesn't make me look like a very nice person, does it!

  2. I played this household and roxie and jonah had 5 kids, Alyssa, Daniel, Jessica and Anne the twins,and their 5th MacKenzie. I am still playing them edwin and deliah got married and Alyssa got married to blair vu. Roxie is still at the beginning of adulthood because she drank alot of exiler of life and jonah is 2 days from an elder

    1. Hello Samantha, I believe this is your first visit to my blog, so: Welcome to New Maximiliania :-)
      Nice to know that Roxie and Jonah had such a large family in your game. Have you blogged about them?

  3. I love sim kids more and more - to see them develop and play with their friends that they often keep for life. The only thing I won't allow them to do is play with toy cars, because they giggle hysterically over it and it makes me go crazy :)

    1. Really? I have never noticed that, I must give it a try!


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