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Friday, 3 May 2013

The Rutherford/Weir Household: Week 2

The next household on the alphabetical list consists of two single men who used to be best friends, almost fell out over a woman and finally got their friendship back on the right track again during their first week in New Maximiliania: Geoff Rutherford and Connor Weir. They still are in the house originally assigned to them, and the house is as good as unchanged.

Connor Weir is a Fortune Sim striving to become Space Pirate. When we meet him on the Monday of his second week here, he works as a Relic Liberator.

His housemate and - again - best friend is Geoff Rutherford. Geoff's aspiration is Romance - yes, you guessed it, that was the main problem in their friendship, since he was involved with Chastity Gere, another Romance Sim who had her eyes on both men. Geoff's lifetime want is to become Rock God, and he is right now working as a Summer Camp Music Teacher. While he has not just one, but THREE 3-bolt-ladies (Chastity Gere, Alexandra O'Mackey and Lavender Greenman), Connor has yet to meet the love of his life. He did think for a brief while that Chastity Gere could be The One, but that was illusory, and although she will always have a special place in his heart, he is well and truly over her now.

On Monday, Geoff is promoted to Battle of the Bands Judge.

Connor is now a Dread Pirate and leaves the house with a cheerful "Ahoy!"

On Tuesday, Geoff is pormoted to Roadie and knows just the perfect way to celebrate his promotion ;-)

Wednesday sees Connor demoted back to Relic Liberator because he declined a challenge to a thumbwrestling match.

To take his mind off the demotion, the two friends visit The Hills Community Center.

They skate (with more or less success)...

...and try some ice-fishing, which results in Connor "catching" an old boot.

Back home, they are very tired after so much exercise in the crisp cold winter air, and go to bed early. This is probably exactly what a burglar has been waiting for, and the shady figure cautiously approaches the house, which is very obviously home to someone wealthy, with its elaborate style and elegant decor.

The burglar alarm immediately does what it was installed for: alert the police! The officer on duty that night loses the fight against the burglar, but nothing was stolen, and Connor can go back to bed (strangely enough, Geoff never woke up. Usually, ALL Sims living in a house wake up when the burglar alarm goes off, don't they?).

Thursday, Geoff rewards himself with a cup of sweet strong hot black espresso - he has just been promoted to Studio Musician.

On Friday, it is time to stock up on groceries, and the friends visit a community lot which was originally built for Strangetown, always hoping to find some 3-bolt-lady for Connor.

No, Monica Bratford isn't a three-bolter. Connor is a polite guy and greets not only the ladies, but also his male neighbours, like Oberon Summerdream here. This is probably the reason for his reputation being that of a Distinguished Do-Gooder. So far, I have never taken notice of the reputation feature that came into our games with "Apartment Life", but Connor got this message about being a Distinguished Do-Gooder, and I thought it worth mentioning.

He works on his mechanical skill; I never thought mechanics can be so amazing :-D His efforts pay off when later on Friday he gets his former job as Dread Pirate back.
Saturday sees both friends promoted: Geoff to Concert Pianist and Connor to Warhead Disarmer. Geoff also gets his membership card to Will's Garage.

Looks like poor Connor still dreams of Chastity during his lonely nights :-(

After a week of hard work and not much luck on the romantic side, Connor decides he needs a holiday, and books 3 days on Twikkii Island.

Geoff can do with a change of scene, too, and accompanies his best friend.

The Beach Hotel is just the right dwelling for our two men; money is not a problem.

They explore the Boardwalk, buy some souvenirs... some sunbathing...

...and discover the local beauties :-) Connor talks to several of them, and finds them all nice and very attractive...

...very attractive indeed...

...but it takes another visit to the beach for him to finally meet his 3-bolt-lady: Carla Reamon!

Geoff enjoys playing on the pirate ship...

...and finds more than what he has bargained for :-)

Connor, I think Carla returns your feelings!

The local specialties all taste nice, and our two friends make sure they give the Luau Ribs a try.

Their last day is here only too quickly. While Geoff still enjoys his breakfast, delivered by room service, on their hotel suite's balcony...

...Connor needs some quiet time to himself on the beach.

He looks unhappy and downcast when Carla arrives at the hotel on his invitation to say good-bye.

He surprises her with a gift...

...and is rewarded with an even greater gift. When the two men board the shuttle to the airport a few minutes later, Connor and Carla have a 100 points friendship and pink hearts :-)

Back home, Geoff can't wait to demonstrate the "Hang Loose" greeting he has learned from the locals on Twikkii Island.

Over bowls of mac & cheese, they sit down on Sunday evening, glad that they are now best friends for life, and with a very happy prospect for Connor: he has invited Carla to be their house guest for a few days, and she has agreed to come!

Is Geoff going to reach Permanent Platinum next time we visit? Should Connor really introduce a Non-Maximilianian to the neighbourhood by getting serious with Carla? Wait until we reach the letter "W" on the list, and we will be back!


  1. I've never played these guys but they seem like fun.
    It bugs me when the police lose the fight against the burglar. Sometimes not all my sims wake up either.
    I think it's nice to have a few non-Maximilianian sims in the mix. Maybe when Carla comes to stay she won't give you the choice eh?! :)

    1. The nice thing about making my own rules is that I can always break them - but my general policy of only playing the original Maxis-made playables is still standing :-)

  2. Well, since you will probably not allow them to have kids it won't affect the longterm goal of this hood to invite Carla to stay


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