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Monday, 27 May 2013

Tiffany Sampson and Castor Nova: Week 4

For the previous week with Castor and Tiffany, click here.

And yet another household where I am not controlling its members is about to start into their new week - we're back again at the apartment building where Marla, Martin and Joshua just moved out. The second floor from the ground up is home to...

...Tiffany Sampson, who does some cleaning every now and then, and...

...Castor Nova, who more or less regularly prepares meals - for himself exclusively, while Tiffany, who is actually a really good cook, sticks to crisps, cookies and juice most of the time.

On Monday, Bottom Summerdream who currently rents the ground floor apartment, comes visiting.

Marla and Tiffany have recently been having a pillow fight at Marla's new residence, and now she is back to the old place to repeat the fun.

Nikki Zhang, a townie, tries to grab the cowplant's cake (nobody invited her, she simply came in).

Being a townie makes her a most welcome snack for the cowplant; her tombstone will be added to the slowly growing row of stones in the townie-section at the cemetery at Gamesend Grounds.

On Tuesday, Castor has been doing a spot of cleaning when he discovers that the lot is suffering an infestation of bugs. Unlike Martin Ruben, who we saw in the previous post using spray against the bugs, he merely stomps them.

The cowplant has not forgotten how tasty Nikki Zhang was, and happily lures townie Larry Jung into its huge mouth. After that, I am truly convinced that the cowplant really only eats townies and never a Sim with an address. Therefore, I decide to leave the cowplant alone; nobody is going to milk it this time, which means it won't grow another cake and won't eat anyone else.

It is Wednesday, and Tiffany spends most of it by browsing the net for cooking tips. As if she'd need them! "How to open a bag of crisps", more likely...!

She surprises me by collecting yesterday's bill from the mail.

On Thursday, she is back for today's bill. But... all she does with the mail is place it on the floor in the apartment. Does she think they will take care of themselves?

Look - there's two piles already. But instead of dealing with them, Tiffany thinks it is more important to get rid of the old newspaper.

Hailey Hart has been walking past and was greeted. She is having a blast on the playground! With everyone else in the building being adults, nobody ever uses anything else on here but the set of swings, which is a bit of a shame, actually.

Friday morning, Castor makes a delicious omelette... for himself. What did you think?!

Tiffany, who has prepared a meal only for herself as well, has once again thoughts of marriage. But, as before, they remain thoughts and do not lead to her spinning up a wish.

On Saturday, the Repo Man makes his threat come true.

All he takes is the lamp on the all above the armchair - I find that quite unbelievable, since NO bills have been paid all week: Monday's rent, the Tuesday and the Thursday bills; altogether, surely that must be more than one lamp's worth?

Saturday in an apartment building means block party, hosted by the landlady, and this Saturday is no exception. Kevin O'Feefe (formerly Beare) and everybody else join Tiffany and Castor for a slice of freshly delivered pizza in their apartment.

Sunday morning sees New Maximiliania covered in a cosy blanket of snow.

Castor now thinks of getting engaged, but the wish does not appear.

He spends most of the day relaxing on the bed. What else can you do on a winter's day?

For lunch, he interrupts his resting and makes himself a bowl of chili con carne.

Later, Tiffany makes herself mac & cheese for dinner - and thinks of engagement, too. These two should definitely talk about what is on their mind, don't you think? :-)

We'll see what happens next week, when Castor turns into an Elder and spring will start towards the middle or end of that week. So far, although they are not as good at taking care of themselves as some of my other not-controlled Sims, Tiffany and Castor have been doing relatively well. Still, I am thinking of moving them to a different place; the apartment lots all seem to get bugged sooner or later, and in their case, it is a teddy bear in front of their door which can't be picked up or moved in any way. It isn't much of a problem, since it does not block access to their door, but it is getting on my nerves when they keep wanting to "talk through" to someone and can't take the bear. 
Anyway, bye for now, you two!


  1. I think you've done well to keep your sims in apartments, I never use them because of bugs, :D
    Tiffany & Castor are doing a good job of staying alive- you'd think they would serve an occasional meal instead of just a plate though. Sims are odd, but maybe they will get engaged next time!

    1. It is possible, yes; what with spring approaching and Castor going to turn into an Elder early on in the next round.
      I didn't expect the two of them to be so selfish when it comes to making meals, either!

  2. This couple seems to have a nice life indeed. How many individual sims did you have when the hood was at its biggest? (I guess it has started to dwindle by now)

    1. I don't know the exact number, but you can look up the stats for each year if you follow the link to "lists and stats" at the top of the column to the right of this page.


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