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Monday, 3 June 2013

The Singles Household: Week 6

The Singles - at the moment, only two elderly ladies live here: half-sisters Kristen, 61, and Chloe, 59. They are both on Permanent Platinum, having reached their LTW of being Criminal Masterminds some time ago. Kristen has 3 bolts for William Williamson, Chloe has 3 bolts for Gilbert Jacquet and Don Lothario. Neither of them is going to act on that, if I have anything to say about it.

Here are Chloe (left) and Kristen (right), returning home from work Friday night. (This household is played Saturday to Friday, not Monday to Sunday like most other households.)

A strange bug in my game causes Orlando Bertino, a townie child, to come home from work with Kristen and Chloe. A boy that age really should not be out at that time of the night, let alone be working so high up the criminal career ladder!!

You already know that I have a not-control-policy where Sims on PermaPlat are concerned, and these two ladies are no exception. Chloe is intelligent enough to wash the dishes without me telling her.

On Saturday, Silvia Singles, the love-child Kristen had with her 3-bolt-love Checo Ramirez, returns from college. She has graduated Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics, and her LTW is the same as that of her mother: she wants to be a Criminal Mastermind.

Silvia does not lose any time in asking her college sweetheart Tommy Ottomas to move in with her. If you remember the Ottomas family, their house is bursting at the seams, and Tommy does not need to think twice before accepting Silvia's invitation. As soon as he becomes playable, he spins up the wish to get married!

Shaun Singles is paying a visit to his "aunts" - remember, Erin Singles used to start out at this house. She then moved in with Nervous Subject and the Beaker family for a while, before she and Nervous got married and found a place of their own where they raised their children, Shaun being one of them.

Tommy and Silvia got engaged before Tommy's first day here was over.

On Sunday morning, Chloe attempts to make breakfast... but it'll be burnt pancakes, I'm afraid.

It is in Silvia's own interest to repair the computer - she wants to find a job in the criminal career. Tommy, by the way, is an aspiring Celebrity Chef like his father. He is currently working as an Executive Chef.

There he is, returning from work on this Sunday with a promotion to Restauranteur. He now needs five skill points for his next (and last) promotion: 3 creativitiy and 2 cooking.

On Monday, Chloe has another go and this time manages to serve pancakes that are not burnt to cinder.

Since it is a day off for Tommy, the newly engaged couple decide to hold their wedding today. Everything is arranged, and the guests are invited.

Silvia's close friend from university, Benedick Monty, happened to walk past, and of course was asked to join the party as well. Silvia's half-sister Tessa Ramirez and Tessa's mother Lisa can be seen in the back.

Erin and Nervous Singles were, of course, on the guest list as well.

Here is Samantha Ottomas, mother of the groom, looking good in her green formal dress.

Tommy has taken care of the food himself - he is not an Executive Chef for nothing.

I must admit I am not happy with Silvia's choice of "wedding gown" or Tommy's sudden change of haircut, but I did not check their formal looks before the ceremony, and so it is that Silvia and Tommy become the youngest Mrs. and Mr. Ottomas looking like this.

Sharla and David, two of Tommy's siblings, and his parents Peter and Samantha as well as Lisa Ramirez don't seem to mind.

Everyone enjoys a piece of wedding cake.

There is not enough space around the table outside, so some of the guests sit at the dining table in the house. Sadly, Chloe and Kristen never changed into formal outfits for Silvia's wedding.

By Tuesday, Silvia still has not found a job in her coveted career.

On Wednesday, she finally gets a job: she is now a Smuggler. To celebrate the start of her career, she invites her half-brother Ramon Ramirez over, and Lisa as well. Lisa never held a grudge against Checo, even though her husband and father of her children left her for Kristen. She also gets along reasonably well with Kristen.

Tommy's family are invited over again, too; I just love family visits!

Kristen even makes Chef Salad for everyone without me telling her to.

Samantha likes her newly acquired extended family, it seems. She sits next to Lisa Ramirez at the dinner table.

On Thursday, after just one day on her new job, Silvia is promoted to Criminal Mastermind. That was quick! She is still 24 days from Elderhood. Now that she is on Permanent Platinum, too, I am not controlling her anymore.

You can't see them all, but that afternoon, THREE Criminal Masterminds get the limousine for work.

When Tommy comes home with his promotion to Celebrity Chef, there is nobody there to greet him. Never mind - he is still happy to be on PermaPat, 18 days from Elderhood.

Orlando Bertino has come home with the Criminal Masterminds again, but leaves immediately after hugging Kristen.

On Friday, I realise that Chloe and Tommy have 3 bolts for each other. Chloe rolls wishes involving Tommy (to fall in love with him etc.), but unless they act on their attraction on their own accord, nothing is going to come of this.

Another household where everyone is on PermaPlat and I can just lean back and watch them going about their daily lives! Kristen is now 68 and Chloe 66, while Silvia and Tommy are going to stay adults for quite a long time yet before they'll make the transition to Elders.


  1. I wish I had a megahood again! It's so much fun. I don't suppose you saved a blank copy when you created yours did you?
    Loving this round of family visits and a wedding party too! Looking forward to catching up on married life for Silvia & Tommy next time.

    1. No, I'm afraid I did not save a blank copy... I do regular backups, but always overwriting the previous backup.
      Would be fun to read about your megahood! I know there are some for download on MTS.

  2. I'm creating the Ottomas in TS4 while reading this right now . how funny! :D

    1. Sadly, there are not many Ottomas left in my game now... the ones you see here have all gone.

  3. Always nice with a successful wedding! There's some life in this house again. Good job on acheiving LTW so quickly for Silvia!

    1. I played this so long ago I can hardly remember what happened :-)


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