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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Jared Starchild: Week 1

You have, of course, seen this apartment building before; Dirk Dreamer, Ophelia Nigmos and Jimmy Phoenix have all moved here after graduating from university. We are going to spend a week with the fourth tenant here:
Jared Starchild. He is a Family Sim with the lifetime want of raising 20 puppies or kittens - something so far none of my Sims has ever managed. I wonder whether Jared's university degree in Art will help him with that task :-) A good thing about his university education is that he was able to save almost all of his grants. When he rents and furnishes the apartment here, he still has over 15.000 Simoleons left - more than enough to adopt some pets and buy the necessary equipment for them, and not needing to find a job anytime soon.
On Monday, Jared visits the Planetary Pet Store and buys collars for cats, big dogs and small dogs.
He also meets several other New Maximilianians, but none of the ladies present strikes him as particularly interesting.
Back at the apartment, he calls the pet adoption service and adopts his first pet, a male puppy he names Strolch.
"Hello little Strolch, you and I are going to be best friends soon!" Jared smiles when he picks up the tiny black dog.
And a little later, he has the pet adoption service come by again, this time with a female friend for Strolch: Suzy. Dirk Dreamer, tenant of the apartment just across from Jared's, is maybe wondering whether this will mean bye-bye to the peace & quiet he has enjoyed at his apartment so far ;-)
Suzy and Strolch have their own room in Jared's apartment, and soon start to play together.
Meanwhile, Jared joins the other tenants in one of the two jaccuzzies. "Isn't it great that we are together again, after the fabulous times we've had at university?"
Jared does not spend all day in the hot tub - he takes his responsibilities as a pet owner very seriously, and makes sure Suzy and Strolch learn good behaviour, while at the same time they receive all the love and play-time he can give them. (You will notice Jared has changed his outfit - that wasn't me; after he had his first shower, he wore this, and I like it a lot more than what he was wearing when he had just arrived here!)

In the evening, Jared receives a phone call from one of his former fellow students. Ty Bubbler invites him for an evening downtown, and a whole group of ex-students turns out to be part of the outing: Dustin Broke, Mercutio and Romeo Monty, Sam Thomas and Kevin Beare. They ask the taxi driver to drop them off at the "Lucky Shack".

Here, Jared and Sam (Ty's girlfriend) have fun singing a duet at the karaoke machine.

They also try their hands at poker, but none of the friends is very successful.

On Tuesday, Jared praises Suzy for having gone outside to do her business without him telling her so.

He saw Tara de Bateau walking past outside and invited her in; Tara headed straight for the jaccuzzi and was hit by ligthning minutes later.

The same happened to Jared's second guest of the day: Patricia Cooke had to leave earlier than intended, because she was in bad need of a set of fresh clothes - something Jared can't provide her with :-)

Sometimes, Jared spends so much time with his dogs that he hardly speaks to other human beings. That does not exempt him from needing some fun, and more often than not, a paper plane is the only thing in sight that can help him there.

On Thursday, Strolch grows up - he is the first of Jared's planned 20 puppies or kittens!

Now that he is an adult dog and Suzy is still a puppy, he takes tender care of her.

The Janitor must be wondering where those puddles come from all the time - it has not been raining today, has it? ;-)

On Friday, Suzy grows up as well. She is still a lot smaller than her mate Strolch, but that does not stop the two of them...

...from trying for puppies :-)

Saturday gives Jared the occasion to hang out with some of his fellow tenants again. Sadly, their conversation gets interrupted rather suddenly when lightning strikes yet again - this time hitting Jared.

And a little later, it is Ophelia Nigmos' and Jimmy Phoenix' turn to get some extra "sparks" !

Sunday sees Suzy giving birth to two female puppies...

...and to two male ones! The females are Sue and Shelly, the male ones Sam and Stan.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to get all six dogs in one picture :-)

Jared now really has his work cut out for him! The four little ones will need a lot of attention and training, as well as love and care, and of course he must not neglect Suzy and Strolch.
I guess once the little ones are grown up, he will have to give up all but two, so that they can have puppies of their own, and bring Jared closer to reaching his lifetime want. And what about his own love-life? 
There aren't any 3-bolt-women in his relationship panel, and I won't settle for less, especially since he does not really "need" a woman to make it to permanent platinum. If "The One" turns up, though, we'll see what happens, ok? :-)


  1. Jared is off to a great start! 4 puppies is very good, can't wait to see them grow up.
    Maybe Jared should stay out of the hot tub in the rain eh?! Looks dangerous. :D

    1. He insisted - but he hasn't been in there since :-D (Mainly because he was too busy anyway!)

  2. Terrible lightning strikes in this update! Lucky that no one died!
    Good luck with the puppies! If you plan to breed on the girls, maybe you should sell Strolch and get a new male, then all three could have puppies with the same father.
    On the other hand, there's no point giving you tips four year after the event ;)

    1. Your tips are welcome any time, since I am still playing the same 'hood and may find them useful with another household :-)


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