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Monday, 10 June 2013

Selma and Stig Singles: The Freshman Year

We have two newcomers at the Casteroff Dormitory, where now three sets of twins are staying:


...and Stig Singles are about to start their Freshman Year. The other two sets of twins are Pierre and Placido Picaso, and Greta and Gerlinde Greenman. These four are all in their Junior Year.

Selma joins Pierre Picaso at the table in the cafeteria, with Placido checking out the new girl from the neighbouring table.

Stig has been doing a spot of cleaning - the gents bathroom really needed it!

How funny... the cow mascot never seems to tire of the old sprinkler prank.

Gerlinde is having a mug of coffee before heading to class.

Well into the first semester, Stig decides on the Physics Major and Selma on Biology.

Once everybody has acquired their necessary skills and written their term papers, I do not control the students anymore. This means very irregular sleeping and eating patterns, as you can imagine! Stig made spaghetti bolognese for everyone while the cafeteria cook wasn't there.

The first semester ends successfully for the group of six, with only Gerlinde having sat through her exam in her PJs ;-)

Nobody has bothered to clean up Gerlinde's empty coffee mugs. I would have thought the dorm cook sees it as part of her job.

Instead, it is Greta who tidys up behind her twin sister.

What disgusting table manners, boys! I am sure you learned better than that at home.

Summer has begun, and the girls change into lighter and brighter clothes. Greta sticks to pink...

...Selma grabs whatever she finds...

...and Gerlinde is feeling blue.

Sponge bath time! Of course, there are two showers and the bath tub only inches away from Placido, but no... he prefers the sink.

Greta has been throwing a party for some of the playable students from the other dorm, and here is a première happening in my game: the party is being broken up by a police officer because it is "too loud"!

Everyone ends the semester with good (if not best) grades. This time, it is Selma who has been writing her exam in her PJs. She and her brother are now Sophomores, while the other four students have just entered their Senior Year. Who is going to join the group this year? I don't know yet myself, but we'll find out at some stage :-)


  1. How nice to have a dorm full of twins! They are all moving happily along.
    Police are such spoilsports aren't they? Isn't college all about partying anyway?! :)

    1. He he yes, and thankfully, this was the first (and so far, only) time one of my Sims' parties was broken up by the police :-)

    2. Wow that's amazing, almost all my Sims parties are broken up by the police! Guess I should have them earlier in the day, :D

  2. I didn't think the police cared about Uni parties - in the main hood this happens all the time, if you leave the stereo on after 11pm. Even on a weekend!

    1. So it's the stereo that does it! I didn't know - once again, thank you :-)


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