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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Jared Starchild: Week 2

- - - Update 17.4.2012 - - - Jared starts into the new week full of optimism.

Actually, this Monday is not much different from the previous days; he has food bowls to fill, pet beds to clean...

...and dogs to wash. It seems like he is on a never-ending round, and this whole puppy-raising business leaves him with very little time to himself. Also, he really hates cleaning; it makes his fun level go down dramatically every time, and it takes him rather long to get some fun back.

Tuesday and Wednesday are an almost exact 1:1 copy fo Monday, but on Thursday, finally things start to happen: first Stan grows up into a replica of his mother, Suzy... is Sue...

...and finally, with Shelly and Sam growing up as well, Jared now has five dogs looking exactly the same :-) Since I have not much experimented with dog breeding in my game until now, I am not sure whether it is normal that a small female dog will always have small puppies, even if their father is a large dog. Does anyone know?

Jared knows it is impossible to keep all the dogs; he wants to raise twenty, after all, and the apartment would never hold that many. Even if he moved to a bigger place, there is no way he could keep every single puppy he ever raised. And so he calls the pet adoption service and gives up all four of Suzy and Strolch's offspring. He knows that the adoption service always makes sure each pet finds the best home.

Friday sees Jared with "me-time" on his hands for the first time in a long time! He finally catches up on the phone with several of his friends, watches some telly and goes to bed early.

On Saturday, one of the first warm spring days this year, he decides to splash out on some new clothes for himself. Of course, he also visits "Desprit Deals" hoping to meet a three-bolt-lady there. Unfortunately, all the ladies are either NPCs, townies or he does not have three bolts for them.

Already in one of his new t-shirts and jeans, he watches the breakdancer for a while.

He then notices Ophelia Nigmos walking into the shop. Having two bolts for her, he greets her in his most polite and friendly manner, but she leaves before they can exchange more than a few words.

I have been playing The Sims 2 since the game first came out - and still there are things in my game I have not seen before! Did you know there is also a female breakdancer? Edward Contrary does not seem to be very impressed by her performance.

Back from his shopping trip, Jared relaxes in one of the deck chairs at the back of the apartment building. Strolch soon comes up for a stroke.

At about a quarter past nine on Saturday evening, Suzy and Strolch's second litter of puppies are born: the "girls" are Starla and Sweetie...

...and the "boy" is Steve. So far, Jared has managed to raise 6 of the 20 puppies he dreams of.
He does not have any love interest (yet), and no job (he does not need one, with still 7.000 Simoleons in his bank account and several valuable objects in his inventory). Will his life keep going at this rhythm, between cleaning up after his dogs and snatching some precious me-time every now and then?


  1. It's great how this game continues to show us new things after all this time isn't it?
    Pets offspring can be a mix of mum and dad, large and small- it's all down to a roll of the genetic dice. As far as size goes though, pets will inherit their Mother's body size 70% of the time. :)

    1. So far, all of Suzy's offspring look like her clones, they are nothing like their dad. But knowing it does not need to be like this all the time, I am now really curious about seeing the current litter growing up!

  2. It is probably very efficient to have one single unemployed sim to raise all those puppies. A shortcut is to adopt puppies too!

    1. I know, but I mean to crack this LTW "from zero" :-)


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