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Monday, 24 June 2013

The Summerdream Family: Week 2

You will not recognize this house as the one originally belonging to the Summerdream family; in fact, the first thing I did when starting to play the Summerdreams in New Maximiliania during their first week was to move them to a different house. Their old house was so impractical to play; just to get from the road to the entrance door took ages, and the whole architecture of the place was simply not very nice to live in. This lot came to our game with "Open for Business", and it is certainly big enough for a family of four - in fact, the whole top floor is still empty. Downstairs, we have a living room, study, kitchen, toilet and dining room; on the first floor, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. You all know the Summerdreams from your game - they originally lived in Veronaville - but still I want to introduce them to you:

Meet Titania, a Family Sim who wants to have 20 simultaneous best friends. When the second week starts, she has already 10 best friends; well done so far, Titania! With 21 days until Elderhood, she has plenty of time to reach her lifetime want. She has 3 bolts for - surprise, surprise! - Chester Gieke, but is not going to do anything about that.

Puck is Titania's son - adopted, according to the Maxis-written biography - but he looks very much like her, doesn't he? Puck's aspiration is Popularity, and his lifetime want is a lot more challenging than that of his mother: he wants to have 20 best pet friends. In only 3 days he will be an adult. He does not need to go to college for his lifetime want, but he really wants to go, so I will let him.

Puck's younger sister Bottom (who came up with that name!!) still has 13 days before she will grow up. She is a Fortune Sim and dreams of being The Law. At the moment, she goes steady with Justin Kim (two bolts), but is also very much in love with Daniel Bell.

Titania's partner (not married) and "father" (adoptive or not - who cares!) of Puck and Bottom is Oberon. Oberon wants to become Education Minister; a fitting goal for a Knowledge Sim. He has 20 days left before crossing the threshold to Elderhood and is right now working as a Substitute Teacher.

Last but not least is Cyan, the stray wolf that was adopted by Puck during the family's first week at the house (the account of which was lost, just like the first week of almost every household in New Max). I just love it when he gets his front paws up on the window sill and observes what is going on outside!

It also looks cute from outside :-)

On Monday, Puck meets and greets two more wolves: Alegra first...

...and then Bailey. Both leave before he has enough time to befriend them properly, and it is unlikely that he will see them again before he is going to leave for college. Still, he has to use every opportunity he gets to befriend pets, if he ever wants to reach Permanent Platinum.

Bottom is harvesting hydroponic plants. These career rewards objects were available to both Titania and Oberon when the game started with them having jobs in the slacker career.

By the way, Puck and Bottom are both A+ students at New Maximiliania's private school.

Funny how fast the snow melts :-) There are only a few Sim-minutes between this picture and the previous one!

On Tuesday, Oberon is promoted to Elementary School Teacher and comes home with his colleague Victor Aspir.

On Wednesday, Puck applies for scholarships (he gets one for his good grades and one for his dancing skills - honestly, he has never danced; there isn't even a stereo in this house!!) and shortly afterwards leaves for college, where we will be checking on him.

Oberon is unlucky with a chance card and is demoted to Substitute Teacher. It is only 10.40 in the morning, and so he walks straight back to work and returns home at 3.00 pm, being promoted back into his former position as Elementary School Teacher.
Typical teenage girl: Bottom has just washed her hands and the sink broke, but what does she do? Instead of starting on repairing the tap or mopping up, she admires herself in the mirror :-) (While I played this scene, I told my husband about it; his comment: "Somehow I can very well imagine you being like that when you were a kid!" :-D )

Titania gets her membership card for Games of Glory.
Sometimes the graphics bugs in our game are really daft! Look at Cyan - he is perfectly alright, looking out of the window, but because there is a chess table in front of it, it looks as if his head is mounted to the table top...!

Here, see for yourself; Cyan is fine :-) Bailey has come for a visit, but Puck is not here anymore.

Bottom has no cooking skills yet, and so it is hardly surprising that she burns the mac & cheese she has just attempted to make.

Very early on Friday morning, Oberon becomes a member at the Aspirational Laboratories.

It seems to be "Hobby Club Membership Day", because on the same day, Titania is invited to the Peerless Park.

Oberon is promoted to High School Teacher. Now he has the career rewards object, the book shelf which allows every Sim to study all the skills without leaving the comfort of their armchair. Ty Bubbler happens to walk by and is invited in.

Saturday, Titania is happy to find the ice sheet over their garden pond gone. A pretty fountain is installed, and she spends good part of the day fishing.

On Sunday, she dedicates some time to gardening and tends the Lemon tree she has had planted the other day.

Bottom wanted to go on a hike and took Cyan with her; when she comes back, a swarm of angry bees follows her.

But the hike has also brought a good result: she is now invited to the Peerless Park, too.

Sunday evening ends with Oberon and Titania at the dining table. 

Is this loving couple ever going to marry? 
Will Bottom have to decide between Justin Kim and Daniel Bell, or will she find her 3-bolt-man eventually? 
How is Puck doing at college? 
Well, at least the last question can be answered quite soon :-)


  1. That's a nice looking house, I've never played it. I did keep my Summerdream's in their original hosue but it is a bit of a nightmare. :)
    Bottom- heh- a character from Midsommer Night's Dream- only of course it was Nick Bottom and he was a boy.
    I rarely use the bay windows and have never seen a dog look out like that- so cute!
    Your sims are getting a lot of 'befriend 20' LTW's, pets and sims.
    Does your husband not know how important image is to a teenage girl?! lol.
    I love this family. :)

    1. Yes, they are nice to play, and the house has a good spacious layout, ideal for a family.
      Have you modified the Summerdreams' house to make it a little more playable?
      Thanks for explaining about Bottom's name!

    2. Yes I modified the house... I added more steps at the front so they don't walk all the way around to get out and changed some of the layout inside to make easier traffic flow. Also the garden, got rid of loads of shrubs and moved others that were on raised ground. Lots of work initially but it's running well now. :)

    3. Sounds good, and more or less what I would have done to the house (I just couldn't get bothered, and moving them into a different house was the easier option!). Pictures anywhere?

  2. A nice and calm week it seems.
    20 pet best friends - I don't know if anyone has ever managed that!

    1. You think nobody has? I wonder - I am sure there is someone out there who has done it!


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