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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Singles-Subject Household: Week 2

To see how Erin and Nervous started out together, click here.

Welcome to this modest two-storey house at the edge of New Maximiliania, close to the sea. Nervous Subject and Erin Singles moved here, after leaving the Beakers' house where they started out together. The Beakers have three children, Björn, Barry and Beta, and since Nervous wants to have three children as well, there simply wouldn't be enough room for everyone.

With the little money they have between them, Erin and Nervous manage just about to get the most basic furniture.

Upstairs, it is the same; the rooms are sparsely furnished and there is no decoration at all.

But that does not deter these two from tying the knot (without any ceremony or expensive party, of course), and Nervous' new surname is now Singles. This happened already during their previous week here in New Max, and we are about to start their next week. Erin has now 13 best friends (her lifetime want is to have 20), and she has three bolts for Justin Cleveland and Peter Ottomas. Nervous, who will have to wait a long time to see his LTW fulfilled (graduate three children from college), has three bolts for Opal Contrary. Neither of them is going to act on those attractions, they love each other and are quite happily married.

Shaun, their eldest, is used to having to do his share of household chores. He always makes his own bed...

...and cleans the bathroom when necessary.

Nervous and Erin take turns in sleeping so that one of them can always keep an eye on their toddler twins Stig and Selma or, when they are asleep, take care of their own needs for a change.

We all know how exhausting life with two toddlers can be, and therefore, it is a welcome change when they are both in their cribs, not demanding anything!

Shaun sometimes wishes his mother spent less time on the phone, talking to her friends (she needs to maintain many friendships at the same time, after all), and more time with him.

On Monday, Stig becomes her 14th best friend.

On Tuesday, Selma becomes Erin's 15th best friend. Both Nervous and Erin love all three of their children dearly.

Erin knows Shaun should not be neglected for the sake of the twins or her friends, and she makes a point of having regular meals with just him and Nervous.

But still, more often than not, Shaun plays alone.

On Tuesday, he proudly brings home his first A+!

That distracted his Dad, who was cooking dinner when Shaun came home, and a kitchen fire breaks out. Thankfully, even with their little money, the Singles have wisely invested into a fire alarm, and the fire fighter is there in no time, saving the day... and the family.

On Wednesday morning while it is still dark, Nervous is lucky and finds another treasure chest worth 5.000 Simoleons in their yard. The bills need paying, the fridge needs restocking, and eventually, the toddlers will grow into children and need new beds. Later that day, Erin makes her 16th best friend in Matthew Picaso.

Thursday is Snow Day, and Shaun does not have to go to school.

Erin is invited to My Muse II - Art Studio, but there is no question of her going anyhwere with two toddlers and a child at home.

Shaun is happy - his Dad spends the whole precious morning with him, swinging him round and playing in the snow with him.

Yes, there is one happy little boy!

At 6.00 pm, Erin turns into an Elder, and Selma grows up from toddler to child.

A few hours later (I wonder why he did not age up at the same time), Stig grows up into a child, too. He has the same hairstyle as Shaun, but while Shaun's face is very much like his Dad's, Stig has (thankfully) more from his mother. Selma has the same hairdo as her Mum and looks the perfect mixture of both her parents, where her facial features are concerned.

Erin, always on the lookout for new friends, invites Puck Summerdream in when he happens to walk past. She had not met him before... and finds out that she has 3 bolts for the young man!

"How glad I am to see the two of you grown up so well," Erin exclaims as the twins have their first meal at the table instead of the bottles they used to drink sitting on the floor.

Of course, sleeping arrangements and furniture need to be changed now. For Selma, a bed is put at the end of her parents' bedroom, as well as a bedside table and a desk for the children to do their homework at.

The boys sleep on the landing, which is big enough to be a room in its own right.

On Friday, it is Snow Day again; the twins will thus only start school the following week. The family make use of their time together and have a nice breakfast of omelettes.

Nervous' friend Tank Grunt pays a visit.

Selma loves to draw and is now a member at The Muse II - Art Studio just like her Mum.

Saturday sees the first spring day without any snow, and Nervous takes up gardening.

While nobody is looking, the gypsy lady leaves a magic lamp on the front porch. With there being three wishes, I think I shall use one of them for wealth, and - depending on how things will go with the children and college - maybe one for Nervous for Peace of Mind. The family's financial state is always rather precarious, what with nobody holding a job.

Still on Saturday, Shaun turns into a teenager. The lot decides on him to have the Popularity Aspiration, just like his Mum; and again just like his Mum, he turns out to have the lifetime want of 20 simultaneous best friends. So far, he has both his parents and his little sister as best friends, as well as Björn Beaker.

Nervous has turned into an Elder at the same time. He does not look very happy; maybe he has heard of Checo Ramirez, who had the same lifetime want of graduating three children from college, and only lived long enough to see one of them achieve that.

To take his mind off things, Nervous salvages the dustbin - and finds some old clothes, which he sells for 16 Simoleons.

On Sunday, Selma's wish is to study fire safety, and so she does. What a diligent little girl!

Because I do not want Nervous to end up like Checo Ramirez, I send Shaun to college as soon as possible, which is on Sunday, one day after he turned into a teenager.

We end this week with Erin being quite close to her LTW at 17 best friends (Ophelia Nigmos became No. 17 just today) and Nervous being at least one step closer to his. How is Shaun going to fare in college? Are Selma and Stig going to do well at school? Will the family get wealthy through the magic lamp and move to a better place? At this point, I do not know more than you do :-)


  1. Lots to catch up on after my mini holiday! I always like this couple together, can't wait to see how the twins turn out as teens.
    Nervous and Erin are often broke for a while in my game but hopefully they will do better in yours! :)

    1. They're doing OK but keep being cautious about buying new or better stuff for the house.
      By now I guess you have read the next chapter and seen the twins as teenagers - I'm afraid they didn't get to enjoy their teenage "years" much!

  2. It's quite fun with the houses with very little money - I don't have many of those anymore, in my mature hoods :)

    1. Neither do I! Most of my households are now so rich, I really miss playing the poorer Sims!


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