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Monday, 24 June 2013

The Summerdream Family: Week 3

- - - Update 18.5.2012 - - -
A lot has happened since I last played this household. Puck has, in the meantime, graduated Summa Cum Laude in Drama. At University, he met and fell in love with Angela Pleasant, and after graduating, the two of them moved to the Pleasant house. On Monday of their 3rd week in New Maximiliania, Titania and Oberon invite their son and the Pleasants over; it is about time they all meet, isn't it! For some unknown reason, Daniel does not show up.

But Bottom, Puck, Mary-Sue Pleasant, Titania and Angela Pleasant all share a friendly meal.

Titania loves Oberon, and vice versa; after their guests have left, she works on making their two-bolt-relationship a three-bolt-one. Changing her hair colour to blonde...

...and walking around in her undies does the trick: Oberon and Titania are now three-bolters! Titania has now 11 best friends, by the way.

On Tuesday, she meets and befriends DJ Verse...

and gets her Bronze Fishing Badge.

Oberon is promoted to University Guest Lecturer.

Bottom has received this kite - sorry, I've forgotten who gave it to her, but she seems to enjoy flying it.

On Wednesday, Oberon is promoted to High School Principal.

Someone (was it Mary-Sue Pleasant?) gave the Summerdreams a Hydrobot, and for a while, it worked just fine. On Wednesday night, it breaks, and starts spluttering water all over the garden. Good job there are steps leading into the house which present an insurmountable barrier for the Hydrobot!

The family are fast asleep, and so the Hydrobot can do his "work" all night - they wake up on Thursday to find the garden covered in water puddles and weeds.

Oberon repairs the Hydrobot, and together with Titania pulls all the weeds.

In spite of all the gardening, Titania has been eating a bit more than she actually needed to... and you can see the result :-)

On Friday, Oberon is made College Senior Professor.

The Hydrobot breaks again; this time, Bottom manages to turn it off before it can cause much damage, and repairs it.

Titania is forever on the phone, talking to her friends, either to turn them into best friends or to maintain good relationships.

On Saturday, Bottom follows in her older brother's footsteps and moves to college. Both her parents wave her good-bye.

"Now that both the children have left, we could go on a holiday, couldn't we," Titania suggests. She is now 7 days from Elderhood, and has 14 best friends. Oberon is 6 days from Elderhood and well on his way towards his lifetime want, too.

Are they going to travel? 
Who will be looking after Cyan when (and if) they go? 
Is Bottom going to meet someone new at college to capture her heart? (She has not met her boyfriend, Justin Kim, all week; and Daniel Bell has grown up in the meantime.)

[Note: since I played and wrote this in May 2012, Daniel Bell died in a fire at his house. Bottom has graduated from college and will return to her parents' house soon.]


  1. Yes, send them on holiday! heh. I like Titania as a blonde.
    Looking forward to Bottom coming home from college as well. ;)

    1. They still haven't been away yet, I'm afraid...
      I guess I'll start their current week tonight after work, and Bottom coming home will be the first thing to happen.

  2. Annoying with the hydrobot breaking down all the time! I rarely use robots in my houses and it might be as well :)

    1. It really is annoying. The idea of the robots is good, they can be so useful, but they create hell when they break, and they break way too often.


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