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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Smith Family: Week 3

- - - Update 10.4.2012 - - - When we visit the Smiths again, Saturday has just turned into Sunday, and we find Bailey the cat jumping off the kitchen counter. The human family members are all asleep.

Jenny, who is now 63, gets up first and decides to do some gardening... in the dark :-)

At 6.00 am, Johnny, who is 16 days from Elderhood, gets up...

...followed by Jill, who is now 6 days from becoming an adult.

Since it is Sunday, Jill and Johnny can spend as much time over their breakfast as they like. Jill suggests they go roller skating together.

And so the siblings walk to the Rapid Racers Rollers Rink.

Jill is not very successful at first, but after a while, she gets the hang of it and glides along almost effortlessly. Johnny was hoping to meet some nice ladies, but they are either townies, or a lot older than he, or not single.

Skating was quite exhausting, and the two of them spend good part of the sunny Sunday afternoon napping on the deck chairs by the pool.

On Monday, Jenny has breakfast with her son; he has the day off, while Jill has gone to school. They talk about how glad Jenny is that her late husband left so much money and the house to her; with her nurse's pension of 170 Simoleons, she would still have been able to get by, but not quite as comfortably as now.

On Tuesday, Johnny's dream comes true: he is now Mayor of New Maximiliania! At 13 days from Elderhood, he is on permanent platinum. Well done, Johnny!

Jill meets and greets Isaiah Gavigan. Up until know, the only boy her age she knew was Xander Roth - you could think she attends a girls-only school!

Isaiah and Jill spend the evening playing darts on the deck.

Jill always makes sure to give her cat Bailey all the love and attention a pet deserves.

But she need not worry, since almost everyone who comes visiting says hello to Bailey as well, such as Contessa Jenna, the female vampire Johnny has befriended some time ago.

She kisses up his arm on her own accord on Wednesday night... careful, Johnny, she is getting rather close to your neck there!

The contessa brought Kent Capp with her, and he gets along very well with Jenny.

When I tell Johnny to say good-bye to Jenna, this is what he does!

She is back on Thursday and Friday night. Have you ever looked closely at a vampire when they turn into bats to get from one place to the other? I wonder whether only the females carry the blood-red plumbbob-shaped penchant.

On his own accord, Johnny falls in love with Jenna.

But of course, she always has to leave as soon as the sun rises.

On Friday, Jill moves to college. Now only Johnny and his mother (and Jill's cat Bailey) are left at the family home.

Did you know that cats join in when a human Sim plays with the remote controlled car?

Contessa Jenna is back on Saturday night, and this time, she sheds her robe and takes a refreshing dip in the pool.

Is Johnny going to take his love for the vampire lady a step further and ask her to move in? 
Will Jenny live long enough to - maybe - become a grandmother? 
How does Jill fare at college? 
At least the last question will be answered pretty soon :-)

- For Jill's first year at college, see this post. -


  1. ooh Johnny is living dangerously falling for a vamp! Heh.
    I expect Jenny would like a grandchild or two, I wonder if she'll get lucky? :)

    1. There'll be some rather dramatic events in their next chapter - I still have to play two more days of their current week before I can write and upload their update :-)

  2. Yes, yes, yes, more vampire love!

    1. I do like them every now and then, but then I must admit I lose interest quickly.


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