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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Jared Starchild: Week 3

We're back after more than a year (in real time) to this apartment building, where Jared Starchild still lives in the ground floor apartment on the right.

There he is.

His faithful canine companions, Strolch...

...and Suzy still live with him, too. Jared's LTW is to raise 20 puppies and kittens, and maybe he will be the first Sim I have ever played to reach it.

At the moment, there are three puppies waiting to grow up: Starla, Sweetie and Steve.

Jared is always busy with his dogs, but he tries not to neglect his need for human company. On Monday, he meets and greets Natasha Una.

On Tuesday, he becomes one of the many recipients of the gypsy lady's magic lamp; I don't think there are many households left in the neighbourhood who do NOT have one yet!

Gunnar Roque is his visitor for the day. Most of the time, as soon as he greets a fellow Maximilianian, they head to the hot tubs behind the buildings, and Gunnar is no exception.

Very early on Wednesday morning, a burglar approaches the apartment building.

She manages to take the wall-mounted TV before Demi, the pretty blonde police officer, puts an end to her activities... for tonight, at least!

Starla, Sweetie and Steve grow up later that day - they are # 7, 8 and 9 on the list of puppies Jared has raised so far. All three of them look identical to their mother.

Tank Grunt comes visiting. He knows a lot about dogs - his LTW is to have 20 best pet friends, even harder than raising 20 puppies or kittens!

Jared has given the three young dogs to the adoption service and encouraged Suzy and Strolch to make more puppies. It is Thursday, and Desdemona Capp walks by. Since one of Jared's turn-ons is blonde hair, I hope to find him interested in her.

Well, as soon as she has discovered the hot tubs and changed into her bikini, Jared does indeed find her interesting - swim wear is his second turn-on, and he now has two bolts for her (I was hoping for three, of course).

When he is so tired that he can hardly look straight anymore, I have him say good-bye to Desdemona, and this is how he does that!

On Friday, Jared is busy with his dogs, as always. So far, there have not been any complaints from the janitor, although he is forever mopping up the puddles caused by Jared's dogs.

Over a late breakfast of omelette, Jared thinks of getting married - I wonder whether he has anyone specific in mind ;-) (No pink heart yet for Desdemona in his relationship panel, let alone a red one.)

At 3 minutes past 3, the next litter of puppies is born, four this time. Two male ones, Steward and Struppi, and two females, Stella and Stina.

Jared (literally!) has his hands full now - with six dogs in his small apartment, he is once again on the never-ending round of cleaning pet beds, filling pet dishes, scolding or praising the puppies and washing the adult dogs.

Saturday, he just drops into bed totally exhausted. He didn't even have time to invite Desdemona over.

Sunday is pretty much the same; he barely manages to make himself breakfast, before the day starts again with the ever-same activities involved with taking care of the dogs.

Will he see Desdemona again? Are Suzy and Strolch going to have more puppies?


  1. I wonder if Jared's dogs are having 4 puppies each time because he's the only Sim? I don't think I've ever had 4! Maybe once with cats.
    I really like Desdemona- she grows up to be lovely doesn't she?
    Now I want to finish my Pleasantview Wishes and get back to Veronaville Wishes! :)

    1. Yes, Desdemona is really lovely.
      Jared's dog had four, then three and then four puppies. Yes, I think she can have four because he is single.

  2. Efficient breeding going on! But it really is a full time job to look after all those dogs!

    1. It is, isn't it! And as a landlord, I guess I would not be too happy with a tenant keeping six dogs in a small apartment...


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