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Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Grunt Family: Week 3

Welcome to the Grunt family's red "farm" house! You probably all remember the Grunts from Pleasantview; the family consists of widowed General Buzz Grunt and his three sons. What are they like now, during their third week in New Maximiliania? Let's find out! (Once again, this is a family whose first two chapters were lost during the time when the story exchange on the official Sims2 website was down; that's why I am starting with their 3rd week.)
We have Tank here, the General's oldest son. He is a Popularity Sim with the lifetime want of having 20 best pet friends - something no Sim in my game has ever managed to achieve. How is Tank going to get on?
Well, he is constantly thinking about the "best friends" theme in his life, by the looks of it!
Then there's Buck, the youngest boy who is still a teenager. He shares the Popularity aspiration with his dad and his older brother, but dreams of being one day Mayor of New Maximiliania.
To help Tank with his lifetime want at least a little bit, I have had him adopt three stray dogs: Boogie (brown), Rover (white) and (seen in the background, chewing on a bone) Alegra... well as Kobe. With his own pets, Tank is of course best friends. He also rushes out to greet every stray cat or dog that finds their way into the Grunts' yard, and is friends with some of them, just not best friends yet.
It is Monday, and he meets Bailey - look what he is thinking about.
Buck, meanwhile, has rung their third brother: Ripp has just graduated from college and is now ready to move back in with the family. Ripp is something of the odd one out: unlike everyone else, he has not the Popularity aspiration but is a Romance Sim, his lifetime want being that of having 20 loves at the same time. He has graduated Magna Cum Laude in Arts.
This used to be his bedroom during his teenage years - now it needs a makeover to fit Ripp's next stage in life.
That's more like it :-)
We haven't seen Buzz yet! The father of the three "boys" has just been promoted to Police Chief...
...moments before turning into an Elder.
Young Buck is happy to have both his brothers living in the house again.
On Tuesday, Ripp invites Ginger Newson over...
...and she becomes his third love. Who are the first two? Miranda Capp and Violet Jocque.
Tank meets Tramp.
...and Charlie.
Buck meets Jill Smith, that's Pollination Technician Smith's daughter, if you remember.
After having said good-bye to Ginger Newson, Ripp wastes no time in inviting Lilith Pleasant over, making her No. 4 on his list.
Buzz has just had his last promotion: he is now Captain Hero (here still in his Police Chief outfit) which means he has reached his lifetime want and is on Permanent Platinum.
On Wednesday, Ripp adds Delilah O'Feefe to his list.
On Thursday, it is Sandra Roth's turn.
Sandra is still in her underwear when she joins the family and Jessica Picaso for an... erm... post-woohoo salad, but nobody seems to notice.
On Friday morning, Buck applies for scholarships...
...and leaves for college. Of course we are going to pay a visit there very soon to check on his well-being.
Buzz goes to work for the first time as Captain Hero. He does not really need to work anymore, there is plenty of money (Ripp added more than 16.000 Simoleons when he returned from college), but it gives him something to do with his long days.
It is still Friday, and Ripp has finally invited his TRUE love (which means they are a 3-bolt-couple) Heather Huffington over. They can not live together yet; for one reason, Heather has not completed her studies yet, and secondly, she knows Ripp won't be ready to settle until he has had his 20 loves.
On Saturday, Ripp "befriends" (you know what that means for a Romance Sim) Cynthia Kim...
...which is met by disapproval from Ginger Newson's younger sister who happens to be here tonight and witnesses the scene. She really had two red minusses above her head towards Ripp when she saw him flirting with Cynthia - and since she is still a teenager and can't be "in love" with Ripp herself, it must be the thought of her sister being cheated on that upset her.
Sunday morning, Ripp and Tank are alone at the breakfast table. Their youngest brother has gone to college, their dad is at work... what to do with this whole day?
They play chess for a while.
And of course Ripp knows exactly what to do - he only has to wait until Cynthia is home from work, then he calls her and she becomes No. 8 on his ever-growing list. That is close to being halfway there with his lifetime want.
Do you remember that Tank has twins with Hermia Capp? Two baby boys, Callum and Christopher, who live with their mother. He and Hermia are in love in spite of not living together, and she is happy to come over for Sunday dinner. "Soon, we'll have another addition to the family," she tells Tank. He does not look quite as delighted as she does, but what do you expect from someone whose main interest in life are cats and dogs? :-)
Still, he truly loves Hermia, and the two of them conclude the evening (and this week) with a cuddle out on the porch.

By now, Buzz is 60, Tank is 13 days away from Elderhood and Ripp 22 days. Tank has 5 best pet friends so far - not very impressive. Ripp has 8 of his 20 loves. Only Buzz has reached his lifetime want. 
Who is going to be next on Ripp's list? Is Tank going to make progress regarding his lifetime want? How is Buck doing at college? Will Buzz keep going to work until his last day?


  1. I always liked the Grunt's, I play them often in Strangetown. Tank has his work cut out but I bet next time he'll more than double his best friend count- looks like he's put most of the work in this time.
    Ripp is working his way through the Ladies in the 'hood isn't he? I bet he'll soon get his 20 loves and then will he settle down with Heather?
    Looking forward to reading about Buck's adventures in college. Their dad is Captain Hero- how cool. :)

    1. Well, Buck's college years have already been covered - he lived with a group of students, and every time it was one of their turns on the alphabetical name list, that household was played. Next time you'll see Buck, he is already back with his Dad and his brothers; I am currently playing the fourth week at the Grunts'.

  2. Happy new Year :)

    Ist es ok wenn ich auf deuscht schreibe? Oder soll ich englisch schreiben?
    Schoen das du hier deine Geschichten veroeffentlichst, ich freue mich immer neues aus deiner Nachbarschaft zu lesen! Hab schon richtig Lust auch mal in meiner Sims 2 Nachbarschaft weiter zu spielen!

    1. Klar kannst Du Deutsch schreiben :-)
      Freut mich sehr, dass Du meine Geschichten auch hier liest, und sie Dir Lust auf Dein eigenes Spiel machen!

      Frohes Neues Jahr auch für Dich!

  3. Argh, the 20 pet best friends LTW! I never managed it either!

    1. I wonder if I (or rather, one of my Sims) ever will!

  4. Wow, so many of your sims had that 20 Pet Best Friends LTW. That's tough. Thank goodness this isn't a point based neighborhood. I always have fun keeping track of them, even if I'm not actually playing for points, but I'm a nerd that way. :D I haven't ever played the Grunts, although I have seen them and read about them plenty. They seem like an interesting family.

    1. I have never played points-based but created my personal challenge, the NPC Challenge, which I enjoyed greatly until my game went bust... one family in that game had been in their 12th generation, I remember them well.


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