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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Gieke Family

After a long time, we are finally back at the Gieke's house in New Maximiliania. The house is, as all buildings in the neighbourhood, an original Maxis-made one, but I have changed a few things to make it more playable, and there is an extension at the back that wasn't there originally.
The extension is home to the three four-legged-members of the Gieke family: Mickey and Samantha... well as Faline. These three joined the household at the same time as...
Tara, whose maiden name is Kat. Tara used to look quite different before she moved here and married...
...Chester Gieke, who underwent something of a makeover himself. While Tara is a Family Sim who dreams of celebrating her Golden Anniversary with Chester, he has the Knowledge Aspiration and wants to become Education Minister of New Maximiliania (one of many!). During one of their previous weeks here, Tara and Chester, a 3-bolt-couple, got married. A gypsy had left a magic lamp on their doorstep, and Chester had been the one to use the three wishes the genie inhabiting the lamp granted: wealth, peace of mind and beauty - he never forgot how it felt to be ugly and being regarded as a nerd by everyone! Peace of mind means that he already is on Permanent Platinum, but I have him work at his career nonetheless.
The kitchen looks like this.
The dining area, with a view through to the extension.
Upstairs, we find the bedroom and the bathroom. Samantha prefers the "human" bed to the pet beds Tara put in the extension.
Because of Tara having moved in on a Thursday, the Gieke's week starts on a Thursday and not, as in almost all the other families here, on Monday. On this particular Thursday, Chester comes home from work with a promotion to High School Principal.
On Friday, Tara receives her Silver Fishing Badge.
A typical Samantha-scene: not only does she prefer human beds to cat beds, she also prefers human food to cat food!
On Saturday, the Giekes spend the fine sunny afternoon fishing.
Later, Tara works on her fitness.
I liked this shot because it shows that the household is such a loving one.
On Sunday, Tara prepares stuffed rainbow trout, the fish being freshly caught from their own pond.
All that excellent food makes it necessary to work out every now and then :-)
On Monday, Tara finds herself more often than not thinking about calling the adoption service. Her days are mostly filled with... up after the cats, feeding them and playing with them. And fishing, yes.
But it is not really fulfilling, and therefore Tara is glad to welcome all New Maximilianians who happen to walk past, like Alexander Goth here...
...and Tina Traveller, who proudly tells Tara that she will go to college very soon.
Looks like at Chester's school, all staff have to be red-headed :-D
Ashley Pitts is another neighbour passing by... is Benvenuto Broke. The Giekes welcome everybody, and the cats love the extra attention they get from the visitors.
Not all visitors behave in a decent manner, though: Alex and Benvenuto start a fist fight (I have no idea what made them so angry at each other!)...
...with Alex being the winner.
Tuesday morning after breakfast, Chester has time for a very quick game before his car pool arrives. Look at the loving glance Tara is casting at him! "What a playful man he sometimes is, my Chester... still a little boy at heart," she smiles.
Later, she welcomes Mary Gavigan...
...and Max Flexor.
The week was hardly very eventful, I'm afraid; not much happening at this household. Chester is now 5 days from Elderhood, and Tara 9 - that means she won't be reaching her lifetime want until the next round after the next; still a long time to go! What will she do to pass the time? Is Chester going to reach his lifetime want before he will be an Elder?


  1. Oh I love Chester, I've played him loads of times! I like the match up with Tara here, no babies for them? Did you know that Chester is really a blond? Will he and Tara have babies? I like the cats sleeping on the bed- seems more like real life! :)

    1. No, I had no idea Chester is blond! I'm afraid there won't be any babies for the Giekes. In New Max, I try to keep population from totally exploding by allowing babies only when a Sim needs them for their LTW - or if a male Sim is abducted by Aliens and returns with a souvenir :-)

  2. Cruel to keep a Family sim from babies :) But I know your strategy!

    1. I can't even remember whether Chester and Tara ever rolled wants for babies. They seemed so content with each other and the cats!

  3. Replies
    1. Erm... in New Maximiliania, as it says with the first picture of this post.

  4. It's fun to see Tara and Chester here. Tara hasn't met Chester, I don't think, in Megalahood, and instead became interested in Cyd Roseland....for a short while at least. Chester fell for Natasha Una instead. However, I am not through either Cyd or Chester's houses yet, so who knows what will happen. I have decided how population controlled I want the Megahood to be....with wishes it's hard.

    1. I am not sure but I imagine Maxis meant Cyd and Tara got find each other when they set the pre-made families up.

    2. Since they came in the Pets expansion I would imagine you might be right.


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