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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Greenman Family: Week 4

Welcome to the fourth week at the Greenmans'! We still have Rose Greenman living here, her son Gordon...
...husband Jason...
...and their twin daughters Gerlinde (left) and Greta (right).
On Monday, Rose maximises her body skill and enters The Zone.
When the twins return from school, Melrose Moonbeam gets off the bus with them...
...along with his twin sister Myra.
Jason is happy to see his daughters bringing friends home and makes sure they can all sit down for a meal together. Gerlinde seems to like the fact that she and Myra have the same hairstyle :-)
Gordon is promoted to Legal Secretary.
Melrose starts flirting with Gerlinde on his own accord - and it isn't even spring! Things are not taken any further for now, though.
On Tuesday morning, Gerlinde leaves for college. (The picture on the wall shows Rose's eldest plantchild, Daisy, before she married Gilbert Jacquet, during one of their dates.)
Gordon gets unlucky with a chance card and is fired. He is in very low spirits until his mother exposes him to her spores of happiness.
It is the opposite for Jason whose lifetime want comes true today: he is now, at 55 years, a Game Designer and on permanent platinum!
The day is not over yet; at 6.00 pm, Rose turns into an Elder.
On Wednesday, while her husband and her son are at work, Rose meets and greets Frances Worthington.
Gordon was able to plead with his boss on the phone and got back into the law firm, but had to start over as a File Clerk. Today, he comes home as Law Firm Receptionist.
Rose wants to be friends with her grandchildren and invites her son Gary and his family over. Paola Picaso is, strictly speaking, not related to Rose and the others, but she is treated no different from everyone else
While Rose is having a waterballoon fight with her grandson Pablo, the two of them become friends.
On Thursday, Gordon is promoted to Legal Secretary and accompanied home by his colleage William Williamson.
When Jason returns from work two hours later, he brings home a colleague, too: this is vampire Tammy Young, who is obviously not a "born" vampire - otherwise, I am sure her name would have been Contessa. Instead, I suppose she must have been bitten by either Count Gregory (who you have met before, for instance in the chapter about Chastity Gere) or one of the Contessas on a community lot without me noticing it. Since it is still full daylight, Tammy leaves instantly.
Friday brings the first snow - and lots of it! Gordon has once again come home with William in tow, and the two men are not too sophisticated to have a snowball fight in their posh office suits, just like two little boys!
In the evening, Gordon's brother Gary comes visiting on his own accord.
Jason has little challenge in his life anymore, now that he is on Permanent Platinum. His wife loves a fit man, though, and so he takes up a stricter regime of exercise than before. Maybe they'll become a three-bolt-couple before it is too late (they have 2 bolts now).
Gary and Rose have not much gardening left to do this time of the year, but they need sunlight, so any excuse is good to get out of the house, even if it is only to talk to their plants.
"You know, son, once you find a nice girl to marry and make your mother happy, the two of you do not necessarily have to look for your own place, unless you want to. She can move in with us," Jason suggests over dinner. Rose has not gotten any closer to her lifetime want of marrying off six children; so far, only three of them have tied the knot (Daisy & Gilbert Jacquet, Lavender & Geoff Rutherford, Gary & Jessica Picaso), and Gordon does not even have a proper love interest at the moment.
On Saturday, Lavender comes visiting her family on her own accord. I love it when my Sims do that!
Sunday is here, and Rose has decided it will be a Family Sunday. Pablo, Prezioso and Paola are here with their mum Jessica and dad Gary (not in the picture), as well as her son-in-law Geoff with Lavender. The two older boys and girls, Placido, Pierre, Gerlinde and Greta, are all at college - we are going to visit them next, before moving on to the next and last Greenman household, that of Lavender and Geoff. 

How long before Gordon will find himself a nice girl to marry? Is he going to keep doing well in his career, in spite of the difficulties working on a regular job presents for a Plantsim?


  1. "ah the sun! I must flee!", heh. You'd think the game would be clever enough to not bring Vamps home in broad daylight.
    I love family Sunday's! I try and do that in my game and it's amazing how the relationships grow isn't it?
    Rose is half-way to her LTW! :)

    1. Yes, she is half way there, but I still have no idea who to hook Gordon up with... As for the girls, they don't have any love interests yet, but maybe that will change at uni :-)

  2. Is it possible to call your boss and plea for your job?! Or did you make that up for your story? If it's possible I never knew and need to try it sometimes :)

    1. I did not make that up - the option appeared on the telephone shortly after Gordon was fired. I suppose the option disappears after a while; a bit like what happens when your Sim has written a novel and does not pick up the phone when it rings shortly afterwards - the opportunity to sell it will not come again.

  3. Well the family is doing well, even if everyone isn't instantly getting married. :) I like the family, they seem sweet.

    1. They were nice to play in that set-up, I remember.


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