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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Cordial / Green Household: Update 17.12.2012

The situation at the Cordial sisters' house has not changed since our last visit. This time, we are here because Green is the next name on the alphabetical list of names in New Maximiliania.
Gabriel Green is now 70.
His wife Samantha is 67.
And so is, of course, her twin sister Kimberly.
With three elderly Sims all being on permanent platinum, I let things run their course without intervening for most of the time. In spite of there being two very well equipped bathrooms in the house, and both of them being unoccupied at that moment, Gabriel opted for a sponge bath at the kitchen sink, with Samantha watching.
Several times during the wek, he complained about almost starving, in spite of being close to the well-stocked fridge.
Most times, instead of preparing a proper meal, he either just stuffed his face in front of the fridge or had a can of juice or bag of crisps.
Both Gabriel and Samantha started occupying Kimberly's room. That bed was very popular, and so was the computer.
Kimberly didn't mind... I think ;-) (She really does look as if she's up to something very nasty here, doesn't she? But what happened after I caught her with this expression on her face was simply that she went to the loo.)
And again, Gabriel was almost starving.
Tuesday morning, just before she left for work, Samantha summoned the spectral servant. It repaired the broken shower downstairs and di a little general cleaning.
I sent Kimberly out to greet Edwin Sharpe. She decided to add soap to the fountain on her own accord - I didn't know Sims can do that without the player telling them to!
Later the same afternoon, Gunnar Roque came by and was also welcomed by Kimberly.
She slept in her sister's and brother-in-law's bed, since those two were so keen on using HER room all the time.
On Wednesday, out of sheer stubborn-ness, Samantha had a toilet accident in the hallway - the toilet (not engaged!) is right around the corner from the stereo you can see to the right of the picture.
Oh joy - Gabriel finally remembered he can actually COOK and prepared lobster thermidor :-)
On Thursday, his good friend Sandra Roth came visiting.
She may be Gabriel's good friend, but for some reason unknown to me she detests Kimberly. Not a very nice way of behaving at your host's house, is it!
On Friday, Gabriel meets and greets Jill Smith.
Jill was the only one to worry about Samantha, who fell asleep stood up (in spite of both double beds in the house being empty at the time, plus a comfortable settee right in front of her). Neither Gabriel nor Kimberly seemed to take notice. I suppose they are used to such illogical behaviour by now - they do not show much more intelligence themselves.
On Saturday, Mitch Indie was the house guest for the day.
Winter had well and truly set in by now, and Kimberly amused herself by building a snowman looking almost as evil as herself.
Once again, Gabriel managed to have a proper meal ready for the household instead of just snacking on whatever he'd find in the fridge.
He and Samantha sat down together for dinner, raising glasses of champagne in celebration of their good life as three-bolters together.
That good life was over when right after the end of the meal, Mr. Reaper appeared to politely remind Gabriel that his time was up at 77 years.
I found Kimberly looking at Gabriel's portrait later, thinking about death. Just a coincidence, I guess, but a rather touching one.
Poor Samantha really grieved for her husband.
On the Sunday, the two sisters went to Gamesend Grounds, New Maximiliania's cemetery.
There, Samantha had a blue hydrangea shrub planted on Gabriel's grave. She and her sister are now 74 and, judging from their lifetime bars, will still be around for some more "years". For now, though, it is time to move to the next name on the alphabetical list: Greenman.


  1. I guess Kimberley has better bladder control than her sister eh?! Perhaps that was what her sneaky look was about- lol.
    A man drinking juice and eating crisps instead of cooking? haha, how real is that? :D
    I love the spectral servant, in my current Pleasantview Ripley Dreamer summoned hers on holiday and he/she cleaned up the campsite very nicely!
    Bye Bye Gabriel, now it's just the witchy sisters' left. Love their portraits btw. :)

    1. Ha ha, you are right about Gabriel's eating habits :-D
      I am glad I have those portraits as a reminder of Gabriel, and of what Samantha looked like when she was younger.

  2. I have Kim as a witch too, but haven't figured out how to use the spells at all. Some day I might :)

    1. Some of them are useful, others I have only tried out once to see what happens.

  3. Bye bye Gabriel. Just some witches left now. :) Some of the spells are fun, I'm getting better at having Hua-Ling use them in Breeze Point. I remember reading once, a long time ago, that someone suggested that you can "train" sims to doing things by controlling them. Then, after awhile, they do most of that stuff on their own. It seems, sometimes, to be true, but I have no idea if it is. I certainly have some sims that cook on their own all the time, and others who don't just like you.

    1. I have read (also a long time ago) that if you send your Sim to the same bed every night, after a while they accept it as their bed and use that one on their own accord. But, like you, I am not sure whether this really works or is just coincidence.

    2. It's interesting how many things are thought to possibly be true, but we just never truly know. :)


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