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Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Goth / Roseland Family: Week 3

This is actually the 3rd week for the Goth household, and a lot has changed since they moved from Pleasantview to New Maximiliania, where they found this house; a lot less gloomy and a lot more spacious and airy than their old villa. Let me summarize what happened before: Mortimer met and fell in love with Olive Spectre, who moved in with him, bringing her niece Ophelia Nigmos along, who left for college the same day. Sadly, Olive died soon afterwards, followed not much later by Mortimer, leaving Cassandra and Alexander behind. Alexander grew up and went to college, and Cassandra married Cyd Roseland. Cyd's dog Porthos came with him when he moved in, and Cassandra had a female dog, Bellina, and a male dog, Bello.
Here she is, Cassandra Roseland, the way she looks now. What a difference to how you first saw her, right? She is a Family Sim and wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens. The first puppy she raised was Bellina.
And this is Cyd. His aspiration is Knowledge, and his lifetime want is to become Chief of Staff. By the time we visit the household again, he is already a Resident at New Maximiliania's hospital. The Goth/Roseland family's week starts on Saturday, by the way.
This is Bello with one of the puppies he has fathered.
And here you see Bellina (eating), Porthos (small dog in the middle) as well as Bello and one of the three little ones. The house is so big that Cassandra was able to set aside a lot of room specifically for the dogs.
They keep her busy all day, what with training them not to chew the furniture, not to pee inside the house, washing them, keeping their dishes filled and so on, and her late father left all his fortune to her, so that she decides to employ a butler.
During the day, when Cyd is at work, Cassandra mostly eats on her own; she is usually so busy with her dogs that she hardly ever invites anyone over.
After the three puppies are already close to growing up, she encourages Bello and Bellina to try for puppies again, but Bellina seems unable to have another litter. She is not too old yet, so I suppose it has something to do with the fact that there are already 2 humans and 6 dogs living in the household. But Cassandra is not ready to give up any of her dogs, and so there won't be any new puppies just yet.
The butler does not only do all the household chores, he also takes care of the gardening.
On Sunday, Cyd is promoted to GP.
On Monday, Cyd can have lunch with his wife, and they also invite two passers-by in: William Williamson and Beau Broke. "I think it is important that we make some more friends, darling," Cassandra reasons with her husband.
Mortimer's tombstone was placed in the small mausoleum in the back garden, next to Olive's, when I had last played this household. But now, coming back to the Goth / Roseland family, I found Olive's tombstone gone, and Mortimer's ghost stuck in one of the pillars of the mausoleum.
Cassandra seems to be forever washing her dogs - every day, at least two of them are in need of a bath!
Summer has now given way to autumn, and the leaves start to fall. 
It is Monday, and the three puppies grow up: first Heidi, turning into a lookalike of her father Bello...
...then Ken, having his mother's head shape and front legs, but looking more like his father when it comes to his tail and hind legs...
...and last but not least...
...Sam, who has his father's ears and hind legs, but his mother's head shape, front legs, tail and general body shape. So, Cassandra has now managed to raise four out of the 20 puppies or kittens she is dreaming of.
On Tuesday, Cyd is promoted to Specialist.
The Roselands decide to celebrate by inviting Alexander over (also because Cassandra hopes he will agree to take at least one of the dogs with him), and he brings along all his friends from the dorm at university. Now, pets are not allowed at the dorm (Cassandra obviously didn't think of that), and so all six of the dogs stay where they are.
Later in the evening, while Cyd is practising with his career rewards object to gain more skill points for his next promotion, he receives his membership card to the Aspirational Laboratories.
Wednesday and Thursday go by without anything exciting happening; Cassandra is taking care of the dogs and, when the butler is raking leaves outside for hours on end, also does some of the household chores she actually employed him for.
"I really want to have more pets, darling; you are getting pretty close to making your lifetime want come true, but mine is still very far away..." she sighs over breakfast on Friday morning. She is right: Cyd is promoted to Surgeon the same day.
And Cassandra turns into an Elder, while her husband is still 9 days away from that threshold. 
Now, what is Cassandra going to do about the dogs? Is she going to give some of them up for adoption or ask their friends to take them in? What about that terrible outfit (I hate those long, tight skirts!) - will she change that? 
How long until Cyd will be on Permanent Platinum? 
After graduating, will Alexander return to the family home? 

The Goth/Roselands are an interesting household to play, and I am already looking forward to getting back to them :-)


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  2. Did that house come with Mansions and Garden Stuff? I don't remember it, and I love Victorian-style houses.

    1. Good question - I really can't remember! When I started New Maximiliania, I simply used every residential and community lot that was to be found in the lots & houses bin, and this was of course one of them. Could be that it came with Family Fun, but I am by no means sure.

  3. Also, I am the same person who commented under the megamaxisnews username. I am on my IPAD, and it won't let me switch accounts.

  4. I'm fairly sure that house is in the original Pleasantview neighbourhood. :)
    I love the backstory- Mortimer and Olive seem like the perfect match, shame their lives were so short. Cassandra and Cyd are a nice match up though.
    The raising 20 kitties/puppies has got to be one of the hardest/most time consuming. I'm doing it with a few of my sims and when the litter grows up I have them adopted to make room for more.

    1. The house is in the lots & houses bin; I only took those houses (plus the inhabited ones with the families Maxis had put in them), I did not take any of the empty houses in each neighbourhood. I should, really - I think there are some wonderful houses still waiting to be discovered!

  5. I'm afraid it won't be possible t o fulfill that puppy want without giving up the dogs when they grow up. Dogs live way too long in this game.

    1. And it is always so sad for a Sim if they have to give up a pet!

  6. Whew that is a tough LTW. I'm not sure it is as hard as the pet best friends.....since you can give them up for adoption, but I haven't ever had a sim try for it. I do have one in Clovercrest who will try.....

    1. These days, I don't think there is any Sim in New Max with that LTW. So many have changed, and the ones that come new when a child grows up, seem to be pretty much the same basic ones all the time.


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