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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Gerlinde and Greta Greenman at Uni: Freshman Year

As mentioned in the previous chapter, we are now going to see Gerlinde and Greta Greenman again. They left their parents' home early last week and have just arrived at Académie Le Tour, where they, together with their cousins Pierre and Placido Picaso, are moving into the Casteroff Dormitory.
The Dorm, with our newcomers outside. (I would have loved to move them in with the already existing group of students, but there are currently six of them in one house, which means only two more can join them. Therefore, I'll wait until two of the six will have graduated and then put the two groups together.)
Left to right: Placido and Pierre Picaso, Greta and Gerlinde Greenman.

The take the four rooms on the ground floor. The four rooms upstairs are, at the moment, occupied by townie students.

Placido is the first of the four to write his term paper. There is only one computer in the house, which means a bit of a challenge as far as time management is concerned.

The girls sharing their first meal at the cafeteria.

Oh! This was unforeseen: Placido flirts with Gerlinde! Well, I do call them cousins, but they are not really related; Placido's and Pierre's parents are Jessica and Matthew Picaso, while Jessica's second husband, Gary Greenman, is Gerlinde's and Greta's brother.

Gerlinde is the first to decide on a major and chooses biology.

Her sister opts for literature a little later.

They invite the other students from New Max over; some of them have known each other since their school days. The Beaker Brothers are close to graduating, which means that Ariel Capp, Isaiah Gavigan, Cedric Cooke and Xander Roth (not pictured) are soon going to join our four new students.

The first semester ends successfully for all of them. And now it seems Pierre is discovering his feelings for "cousin" Greta!

Before the second semster of their Freshman Year ends, the four of them invite their respective families over, so that they can see for themselves how well they are doing here at uni. Pierre has also invited their dad, Matthew Picaso. He arrives at the same time as Jessica and Paola, their younger sister.

The Greenman girls have asked their parents, Jason and Rose Greenman, as well as brother Gordon, sister Lavender and her husband Geoff over.

The cafeteria cook is working extra hours to feed everyone :-)

Soon, the Freshman Year is over; next time, you'll see this dorm, it will be full to the brim with eight playable students.


  1. Lots going on as always in Uni, are your Sims naturally drawn to each other or do they get a little shove in the right direction? :)

    1. Unless I want to do something to make the LTW easier for two Sims (such as putting one of the Broke boys together with Sandra Roth, because they both want to raise 20 puppies or kittens), I leave it entirely up to my Sims who they fall in love with :-)

  2. It's so fun to see who your sims will fall for when not pushed. Sometimes you get surprises, like here :)

    1. Yes, I really like it when my Sims surprise me!

  3. Ah young love in the dorms. :) Uni can be really nice sometimes for things like that. I do always love it when the sims make their own desires know.


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