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Monday, 24 December 2012

The Greenman Family: Week 3

Welcome to the Greenmans' greenhouse! Well, it is not exactly a greenhouse, but their family home. Part of the Greenman family are plantsims, and so this is the most practical solution for everyone. As the report about their first two weeks in New Maximiliania has been lost, let me briefly bring you up to date:
This is Jason Greenman, a Knowledge Sim with the lifetime want of becoming Game Designer. He ended his second week here with the position of Power Leveler.
His wife Rose was a plantsim from when the game started. Her aspiration is Family and her heart's desire is to see six of her offspring happily married. So far, only one of her children is married: Daisy, who was planted, not born; Daisy married Gilbert Jacquet and moved in with him and has since transformed into a human Sim. Because Rose is not getting any younger (she will be an Elder in 9 days), she decides to have two more plant babies: Gordon...
...and Gary. Wait, that's only three children! Doesn't her lifetime want say she wants to marry off six children? Indeed it does, and indeed there are three more of Rose's children:
Lavender, who was planted during their first week and whose lifetime want is to have 20 simultaneous lovers... well as the twin girls Greta...
...and Gerlinde. These two were born the human way and are Jason's only biological children.
On Monday, the girls go to school for the first time. In the afternoon, homework has to be done.
By Tuesday, the girls' grades have already gone up to the point of both of them bringing home an A+! Well done, girls - and thanks to Lavender, who is the most doting big sister any child could wish for. She makes sure that the plantbabies have their play table out in the sunshine and keeps an eye on them when Jason and Rose are busy otherwise. Lavender has, by the way, a three-bolt-love: Geoff Rutherford. So far, because of her lifetime want, she has not taken any decisive steps towards fulfilling her mother's lifetime want.
Jason is promoted to Real Time Strategizer.
It seems impossible, and yet even after playing The Sims 2 since 2004, my Sims still manage to surprise me with things I have not seen in the game yet! Here, Rose had the option of playing a prank on someone, and so I have her greet a townie who happens to walk by...
...and blow a pollen cloud in her face! Did you know plantsims can do that? I knew, of course, about the "spores of happiness", but not this!
On Wednesday, Rose maxes out her enthusiasm for fitness. Her plaque goes on the wall next to the one she already received previously for her enthusiasm for music and dance.
Summer is everybody's favourite time of the year at the Greenman family! The half-siblings all play with each other nicely.
Jason receives his Silver Gardening Badge.
The half-siblings are now best friends.
Something else I had not known: toddlers can chase butterflies! (or is it only plantbabies who can do that?)
[Note: Since I wrote this, I have found out that "human" toddlers can chase butterflies, too.]
Yes, summer is indeed...
...the best time of the year!
On Thursday evening, Gary grows up first (you know that plantbabies turn into adults without being children or teenagers first). His aspiration, decided by lot, turns out to be Family like his mother's, and his lifetime want is the same as hers: to marry off 6 children! What a happy coincidence that Jessica Picaso is at the Greenmans' tonight - she is a single mom ever since her husband Matthew Picaso decided to leave her for Alexandra O'Mackey, and her lifetime want is the same! (I honestly did not plan this)
She seems to think in the right direction straight away! ;-)
A few hours later, Gordon grows up, too. He is now a Popularity Sim and wants to become The Law.
Yes, Gary, you and Jessica will be married one day - if she can get a divorce from Matthew, who is still her husband legally.
[Note: this was written before the events of the Greenman-Picaso chapters took place.]
Lavender maximizes her creativity skill.
And yet again, something I had not observed before: Gary is doing the "she loves me, she loves me not" thing with a daisy! He has just called Jessica and asked her for a date... the "Lost in Love" hedge maze.
Looks like she loves him!
And indeed, after some flirting and slow-dancing...
...the two of them end up falling in love with each other. It's a shame Jessica is still wearing Matthew's ring :-(
Gordon, in the meantime, has been looking for a job in the law career and starts as a receptionist today.
When the girls come home from school, their cousin Jacqueline Jacquet is with them. Strictly speaking, she is not blood-related; their oldest sister Daisy is married to Gilbert Jacquet, but Jacqueline is only his child (half-Alien, obviously) and not hers, but the Greenman family do not dwell on such insignificant details. Family is family!
Jason is promoted to Guild Leader.
Look at Gerlinde and Greta for the last time as children, because today...
...they are growing up! (Oh nooooo... what a horrible outfit for poor Gerlinde, it does not match at all!) For Gerlinde, the lot decides on the Fortune aspiration. She wants to be a Prestidigitator one day. Her twin sister Greta turns out to be yet another Family Sim - with the difficult lifetime want of raising 20 puppies and kittens.
Saturday is here, and the preparations for Lavender's wedding are well under way. Yes, that's right; I have decided to make Lavender marry her three-bolt-love, indipendently of her lifetime want.
Of course, Daisy, Rose's first plant"baby", and her husband Gilbert Jacquet are invited...
...and their daughter Jacqueline is welcome, too (Gilbert's mother Denise died some time ago). Some of Lavender's friends are invited as well, Daniel Bell and Antonio Monty.
Geoff Rutherford makes a handsome groom, and Lavender's dress matches her lipstick :-)
Everybody applauds after the ceremony.
Rose is happy to see her oldest daughter again! The party is a roof-raising success...
...and while Geoff leaves to do his job as a Rock God...
...his wife Lavender gets into the taxi which is to take her to a yet unknown destination. I had to move Lavender and Geoff out; otherwise, Greta does not stand a chance to ever raise any puppies or kittens.
On Sunday, autumn begins, and Gerlinde goes to H&M to get some better outfits for herself and her twin sister.
Greta likes what her sister has brought for her.
Gerlinde meets and greets Xander Roth, and the two of them become friends that same afternoon.
When Jason returns from work that Sunday night, he age-transitions into an Elder on the spot. This was a busy and interesting week with the Greenmans, don't you think? Is Gary going to move in with Jessica Picaso, and will she get a divorce from Matthew so that Gary can marry her? Will Gordon find someone to marry, too? Is Jason going to make his Golden Gardening Badge, and will he eventually turn into a plantsim himself? When is Greta going to start raising puppies and kittens? Is Gerlinde going to become more than just friends with Xander Goth?


  1. I've always loved the Greenman house. Lots going on here in yours and it looks like Rose will make her LTW. Never had Jason become a plantsim in my game (not for want of trying-heh). Wonder if he will be in yours?

    1. Possibly; he is still only on his Silver Badge for gardening, and most of the time, Rose and Gordon did the necessary work on the plants.
      The Greenman house is one of the very few I've left almost unchanged.

  2. Lavender's husband might be in for some heartbreak... On the other hand, she can divorce him and marry someone else and it will be another count for Rose's LTW :)

    1. Always difficult to concile the wants of a Romance Sim with those of a Family Sim! I never thought of having the same Sim marry more than once to make it count for their parents' LTW :-)

  3. What a fun, and busy household. I'll be interested to get here eventually and see what happens with them in my hood. The kids are all pretty cute, and the wedding was very nice. I actually kind of like what Gerlinde grew up in. I mean it's not my favorite outfit ever but I think it was kind of fun. :)

    1. It is always a bit of a surprise to see what everyone grows up in, also when I send a Sim to uni, with more often than not also a changed hairstyle.

    2. I always wonder what Maxis was thinking with age up outfits, but university's seem the worst by far. I can't remember if it was you or someone else I saw mention maybe it was to get people to "experience" clothes shopping for their sims, but I do think it is a strong possibility.

    3. It wasn't me who said that, but I could imagine this to be true, too.


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